This is Breaking News: President Trump is following through with his threat. Since Congress refused to pass legislation to end the border crisis, Trump has ordered ICE to begin nationwide deportation raids starting this weekend! And now, the Left is punching back...

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are furious. Even establishment Republicans are furious. They are demanding that Trump stand down and let these illegal alien criminals and fugitives stay in the country...

Yes, you read that right. Each and every one of the illegal aliens being targeted this weekend is either a convicted criminal or a fugitive from justice. Each of them is the subject of a lawful court order to remove them from the country. And the Democrats and GOP are ordering Trump to let them stay!

There are more than a million illegal aliens living in this country who have active deportation orders signed by Federal judges.  This weekend's raids will target a few thousand of them.

Why such a small number? ICE simply doesn't have the this year's budget to track down and arrest all of them. The raids will have to extend into Fiscal Year 2020.

And that is how Nancy Pelosi and her GOP allies plan to strike back. Congressional leadership just announced that they are formally blocking next year's Homeland Security Appropriations Act. Trump may have ordered the deportation raids, but Left is now refusing to fund them!

Tell Congress they must fund ICE's deportation raids! Send your urgent message right now and STOP Pelosi and her GOP allies from shielding these illegal alien criminals from deportation!

Democrats aren't even pretending anymore. It is now their party's official policy that illegal immigration should not be a crime.

That is why the Left is fighting so hard to stop Trump's deportation raids and shut down the detention facilities. They truly believe that illegal aliens -- including the criminals -- have done nothing wrong...

We see that in the amnesty bill that Pelosi is pushing. The American Dream and Promise Act would allow illegal aliens with four or fewer misdemeanor convictions to still become eligible for citizenship. Just so we're clear, that means that an illegal alien can spend up to four years in prison for violent crimes and still be able to become a US citizen under the Left's radical plan...

Of course they want to help these illegals avoid deportation. Under the amnesty plan that Pelosi is negotiating with the GOP, many of these criminals and fugitives would become eligible for US citizenship. Instead of seeing these illegal aliens as criminals and fugitives, the left considers them future (and in many cases, even current) Democrat voters!

The fiscal year ends in September, but ICE will likely run out of funding before then. If Congress does not pass a new spending package, ICE will have to call off the deportation raids and a million illegal aliens criminals will get to stay. 

Republicans are now offering a "compromise." They are offering to let ICE continue these raids, but their deal would stop Trump from re-apprehending all of the million illegal alien criminals. 

There are a million illegal alien criminals and fugitives with active deportation orders. The Democrats want to protect all of them from deportation. The GOP leadership's plan would guarantee that between 800 and 900 thousand of them get to stay. 

Pelosi's plan has always been to block the funding and force Republicans to cave. Now, less than four days after she blocked the bill, GOPers are already offering to let hundreds of thousands of illegal alien criminals keep living in the country.

These cowards are trying to stab you in the back.

Please, don't let them get away with this!

Tell Congress they must fund ICE's deportation raids! Send your urgent message right now and STOP Pelosi and her GOP allies from shielding these illegal alien criminals from deportation!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily