The Washington Times is now the latest news outlet to confirm that the FBI has re-opened and expanded the Hillary Clinton email investigation. This was just a matter of time. Last week, a Federal Judge ordered the State Department to keep looking for Hillary's emails because they still hadn't released them all. As more emails are discovered, the FBI is finding more and more classified documents that Hillary illegally mishandled.

While President Trump initially indicated that he was willing to move beyond Hillary's email crimes, he has since doubled down on the threats to re-open the investigation. Well, now we know that the case has been re-opened.

Here's the problem. Jeff Sessions recused himself from any Clinton investigations. That means that Rod Rosenstein is calling the shots at the Department of Justice. He is the one who gave us Robert Mueller's off-the-rails "Russia" investigation. He cannot be trusted.

A new report surfaced last week indicating that there were Obama-holdovers at the DOJ trying, once again, to protect the Clintons. They are preparing to offer Hillary a plea deal to prevent her from being prosecuted. These deep state saboteurs want Hillary to admit to breaking the law and, in return, the DOJ would promise not to prosecute her for her email crimes OR for the crimes committed at the Clinton Foundation.

These snakes are trying to save Hillary Clinton yet again!

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Because Jeff Sessions recused himself, the Justice Department cannot be trusted to handle this. They just can't. On the same day the investigation was re-opened, Obama holdovers launched a plan to save Clinton from prosecution. The fact that the plea deal includes protection for the Clinton Foundation shows that this is completely crooked and the only person who can stop it is the same man who started the Russia investigation...

This plea deal is unacceptable. Letting the Clintons off the hook is unacceptable.

Luckily, there is one other way to get justice.

Hillary Clinton lied to Congress under oath. She testified that she turned over everything and to this day, the FBI is still discovering new emails from her destroyed devices. Her team also violated a Congressional subpoena and preservation order when they deliberately 'bleached' her email hard drives.

This gives Congress an opening. If they hold Hillary Clinton in contempt, they can refer her perjurious statements and illegal conduct directly to a grand jury. Rod Rosenstein and the Obama holdovers would be powerless to stop it.

This would also supercede any plea deal that the deep state is trying to get for Hillary.

If Congress holds Hillary in Contempt for lying under oath and destroying subpoenaed evidence, there is nothing the DOJ can do to save her. Not even a plea deal...

But only YOU can force Congress to act!

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Hillary Clinton broke the law. That was never in debate.

But there are forces at work here that are trying to let her off the hook, not only for the crimes she committed at the State Department but also for the pay-to-play and bribery crimes committed at the Clinton Foundation.

What we saw last year was a concerted effort in the Obama administration to make sure that Hillary was not prosecuted. They expected her to win. Well, she lost. Now they are scrambling to shut down this new investigation by offering her up a plea deal.

We can finish this once and for all. We can send the Hillary case directly to a grand jury and let a jury of her peers - not deep state bureaucrats - decide her fate. 

This is a big deal. The fact that they are trying to sabotage this new investigation shows that the Left will stop at nothing to protect the Clintons.

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Fight back,

Joe Otto

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