Pelosi now says she is willing to sacrifice dozens of Democrats seats in order to impeach Trump. All of a sudden, these "moderate" Democrats are having second thoughts over committing political suicide...

Over the weekend, Nancy Pelosi made a pretty shocking admission. She confessed that her ridiculous impeachment push could cost Democrats the House of Representatives, and even the White House, in 2020.

She was asked whether she was nervous that Democrats would suffer at the ballot box if she moved forwarded with this manufactured impeachment inquiry.

"It doesn't matter," Pelosi said. Even if Democrats lose their seats, it will be worth it.

That shocked many on the Left. Pelosi's seat in San Francisco is safe, but there are dozens of Democrats who aren't so safe. They ran on promises to help their constituents and relieve the challenges facing American families. Now they are giving all of that up because the radical left is desperate to remove Trump from office. So-called moderate Democrats are already starting to walk back their rabid impeachment demands. 

The GOP is starting to walk back their impeachment positions. Over the weekend, Mark Amodei (R-NV) (shown above) was identified as the "first House Republican to support the impeachment inquiry." That was accurate. Amodei supported investigating the President over the so-called "whistleblower's" allegations. He supported letting the Democrats launch their investigations.

The backlash was swift. Amodei responded by running away from his previous comment. He now says that he does NOT support Nancy Pelosi's impeachment push and that his previous comments were misconstrued.

Why? Because he is terrified of losing his power. He thought that supporting impeachment would help his re-election prospects, and he quickly realized that was completely wrong.

Democrats and Republicans are both terrified of YOU!

The newest reason Democrats have to impeach Trump is that the President is engaged in a coverup.

They claim that the White House is deliberately hiding transcripts of Trump's conversations with world leaders. They are angry that Trump is hiding these transcripts from the Deep State leakers.

But it is a complete lie! This is the same classified system that Obama used to safeguard his transcripts.

The Radical Left is evolving its narrative because every time they make a claim against the President, it turns out to be a complete fabrication.

President Trump didn't bribe a foreign leader. He didn't pressure the Ukrainian President. He didn't ask him to interfere in the 2020 election. And he hasn't tried to cover anything up. The President of the United States voluntarily declassified and released these transcripts.

All President Trump said was that he heard Biden broke the law, thinks it is horrible, and wanted Ukraine to assist the Attorney General as he investigates it. That's it... And for that, the Left wants to make Trump the first President to be removed from office...

But the smears are falling apart. Democrats and GOP turncoats are starting to realize that this is political suicide. A number of them are starting to walk back their impeachment promises.

This is your doing. You put the fear into these politicians and forced them to back down.

Now it is time to finish this!

Stop the Left's radical impeachment plan! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and threaten to remove any Congressman or Senator, Democrat or Republican, who dares try to undo the 2016 election with this impeachment push!

Pelosi is moving full speed ahead with impeachment and says she doesn't care if her colleagues lose their seats over this. Now, Democrats are terrified...

We can put an end to this. We can stop the GOP from turning against the President. We can force the moderate Democrats to back down.

But you need to take action right now!

No surrender,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily