We are facing a total crisis at the border this week. More than 60,000 illegal aliens, who are waiting in Mexico until their asylum cases can be heard, could get the opportunity to rush the border if the Supreme Court does not side with the President on immigration.

As we reported, the President has mobilized more than 160 additional active duty soldiers and sent them to the border in preparation for the invasion. They will be joining the 5,000 National Guard troops already there.

Congress has a very simple job to do: Close the loopholes that illegal aliens take advantage of to force their way into the country.

Yesterday, with your help, we had a massively successful campaign to pressure Congress into passing a single bill authored by Lindsey Graham -- the Secure and Protect Act.

We stand by our reporting. The Secure and Protect Act would solve almost all of the problems we are seeing at the border. It would end catch and release and put a stop to fraudulent asylum claims that are allowing illegals to just waltz in.

Yesterday, Lindsey Graham actually met with President Trump to talk about immigration. But instead of pushing his bill that would fix everything, Graham used the face time to advocate an amnesty compromise!

Stop the GOP's amnesty "compromise" bill before it's too late! Send your instant message to Congress right now and threaten to remove anyone who signs onto this amnesty surrender plan!

That's not a rumor, it happened. Lindsey Graham admits that he pressured the President into agreeing to a massive amnesty compromise bill.

Graham's compromise would trade border security for amnesty. Basically, in exchange for stopping the border invasion, Graham is demanding that Trump agree to legalize all of the illegal aliens that are already here.

In order to actually secure the border and stop the rush at these checkpoints, the Establishment GOP is demanding that we reward the illegal aliens that have already slipped through.

No... Wait, let me think about that... NO!

President Trump, to his credit, immediately shot down the idea. The Supreme Court will issue a ruling on Obama's amnesty executive order this Spring. That decision could come as early as tomorrow!

Why would Trump make Obama's amnesty program permanent if the Supreme Court is about to strike it down? And that is why Democrats and Establishment Republicans are resurrecting their amnesty push. The next date that the Supreme Court is scheduled to release orders and opinions is TOMORROW.

Graham says he is confident that one way or another his amnesty deal will pass. He says that he has enough GOP and Democrat support to push it through.

But this bill is no "compromise." It wouldn't just make Obama's amnesty program permanent, but it would also extend a pathway to citizenship to millions of illegal aliens. And here is the real kicker: amnesty and citizenship would even go to illegal aliens who have criminal records. Democrats believe the cutoff should be one felony or four misdemeanors. Republicans are saying that is should be capped at two or three misdemeanors.

That is what the negotiations are over right now: just how many illegal alien convicted criminals should be offered amnesty and a pathway to citizenship...

We have a crisis brewing at the border. If the Supreme Court does not uphold the President's Remain in Mexico program, we will see tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of migrants rushing the border. And Trump would have no choice but to let them in.

What is the GOP doing? Instead of pushing their bill to put an end to asylum fraud, they are trying to use this crisis to finally pass their amnesty "compromise."

They are betraying you right now! You must fight back!

Stop the GOP's amnesty "compromise" bill before it's too late! Send your instant message to Congress right now and threaten to remove anyone who signs onto this amnesty surrender plan!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily