Yesterday was one long day. Chuck Schumer submitted 11 different amendments trying to seize control over the impeachment trial process by subpoenaing additional Trump documents and witnesses. Each one of those amendments required two hours of debate, so Congress worked well into the night.

But each time the Left submitted an amendment, Republicans stood together and voted down the Democrat proposals.

Your pressure worked. Ultimately, the GOP realized that if they voted with Democrats yesterday, they would pay the price at the polls.

And it also helped that the Democrats were simply lying through their teeth. On one occasion, Adam Schiff declared that the House had evidence that a Guiliani associate was caught sending emails directly to the Ukrainian President. But we know that is a lie. The so-called evidence that the House has shows the associate emailed the head of Burisma, Hunter Biden's corrupt company. 

But the fight is far from over. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Susan Collins (R-ME), and Mitt Romney (R-UT) declared that while they were not going to vote with Democrats yesterday, all three were going to wait until the opening arguments were over before deciding whether to give the Democrats control over the witness process.

They decided not to surrender yesterday, but reserved the right to stab President Trump in the back early next week when the opening statements are over.

Now, we are hearing that these GOP traitors are negotiating with Democrats on a witness "trade." If the GOP agrees to give the Left everything they want, then Republicans would get one, maybe two witnesses...

The Republicans are looking for an out. They are looking for a way to stab Trump in the back while also being able to claim it is a "win."

And it is up to you to stop them!

These GOP traitors are still scheming with the Dems! Please, help us put maximum pressure on Congress right now and FORCE them to kill these bogus impeachment articles and shut this witch hunt down for good!

The GOP surrender is not yet defeated. They are still scheming to help the Democrats gain control of the impeachment trial process.

Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler had their chance in the House. They denied President Trump even a semblance of due process. They had the power to subpoena whomever they wanted. The proper way would have been to let the courts decide whether their subpoenas were constitutional or not. But the Dems didn't want to risk losing in court. So, they withdrew their lawsuits and chose to impeach Trump for obstruction of Congress anyway.

Now that the process has entered the trial stage, the Left is trying to force the White House to turn over more documents and witnesses again. They are hoping they can convince at least three GOPers to flip and help them do it.

Yesterday was just the first salvo. Over the next week, Democrats will have multiple chances to force another vote on their proposals. And the GOPers who are so eager to betray the President are promising to "re-evaluate" their votes yesterday once they get a chance to hear the Democrats' case against the President.

Neither of the impeachment articles allege actual crimes. Neither "Obstruction of Congress" nor "Abuse of Power" are statutes outlined in the US code. They are nothing but subjective interpretations of the President's legal actions. The President has every right to challenge the constitutionality of Congressional subpoenas and he has every right to investigate corruption in the previous administration. 

If this was a criminal proceeding, a judge would have already thrown out the charges and likely held the prosecutors in contempt. The government isn't allowed to just make up new crimes to prosecute innocent people.

But instead of throwing out the bogus charges, these GOPers say they want to hear the Democrats' evidence before deciding on their final vote.

The fight is far from over. It is just beginning!

These GOP traitors are still scheming with the Dems! Please, take the fight to them and help put pressure on Congress right now to FORCE them to kill these bogus impeachment articles and shut this witch hunt down for good!

When Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats launched an impeachment investigation against the President without holding a formal vote, this should have been shut down. When the Left held their hearings in a secret basement bunker and selectively leaked information designed to hurt the President, this should have been shut down.

When Adam Schiff colluded with the so-called Whistleblower before a complaint was ever even filed, coached witnesses not to answer GOP questions, and blocked all of the GOP's requested fact witnesses, this should have been shut down. When the Democrats refused to give Trump due process and blocked White House lawyers from attending all but one hearing, this should have been shut down.

When the House voted to authorize non-criminal articles of impeachment, this should have been shut down. And when Nancy Pelosi refused to transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate (as the Constitution requires) for almost an entire month, this should have been shut down.

Well, now we finally have the chance to toss out these charges and put an end to the anti-Trump witch hunts once and for all. But instead, these GOP cowards and traitors want to listen to the Democrats' case before deciding whether to hand control of the process over to Schumer and the Left.

The only thing stopping this massive betrayal is you! And it is more important than ever to rise up and fight!

Stop the GOP traitors who are still scheming with the Dems! Please, join the fight and help us put pressure on Congress right now to FORCE them to kill these bogus impeachment articles and finally shut this witch hunt down!

Fight back!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily