Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted on HR4760, the Securing America's Future Act. This bill -- also known as the Goodlatte bill -- had the endorsement of President Trump. It would fully fund the border wall, increase the number of border patrol and ICE agents, defund sanctuary cities, end the immigration lottery, practically end chain migration, and once all of this was done, then, and only then, would it grant temporary legalization to Obama's "dreamers."

The bill wasn't perfect, but it was a fair compromise. 

The House of Representatives voted it down 193-231. That's right, 41 GOPers voted against the President's immigration package. A couple of them, like Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert, voted 'no' because they thought it wasn't Conservative enough. But the vast majority of the GOP 'no' votes are holding out for more amnesty.

Paul Ryan was supposed to hold a second vote on a more liberal "compromise" immigration bill. Thanks to your activism, we bombarded Congress with FaxBlasts yesterday and forced Ryan to cancel the vote. Conservatives started to abandon ship.

But then, all of a sudden, the Speaker's office announced that the compromise bill would get a vote early next week. Why the change? Ryan had started negotiating with the Left...

Remove Paul Ryan and the rest of the cowards in GOP leadership! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they force a vote to vacate the chair!

Establishment Republicans had tried to team up with Democrats to force a vote on their clean amnesty bill. They needed 25 Republicans to sign onto their coup. They only were able to get 23 before they hit the deadline.

But yesterday, there were 41 Republicans who defied Conservatives and sided with the Left to kill the President's immigration proposal. They were holding out for a bill that gives out more amnesty and leaves the border more secure. Rep. Steve Knight (R-CA) admitted publicly that he wants more amnesty so he can "get a lot more level with the DACA population." 

This man is a sitting Congressman and he wants to make sure he makes illegal aliens happy, even if they aren't his constituents.

And now, it looks like he's going to get it.

Paul Ryan knows that the pro-amnesty wing of the Republican Party have the votes to bypass him entirely and pass an amnesty bill with the Democrats.

Instead of trying to stop them, he is now actively courting them. He is so hell-bent on passing something to preserve his legacy that he doesn't even care if it goes against everything he promised his constituents and the American people.

In less than a day, Ryan's amnesty bill was resurrected. He knows that he needs Democrats to pass it. So that is what he is going to do.

Paul Ryan is the definition of what is wrong with Washington DC. He is retiring at the end of the year, so he knows that he doesn't have to ever face the voters again. He believes he is truly unaccountable.

Conservatives in Congress were already furious after they caught Paul Ryan trying to trick them by secretly altering the Goodlatte bill.

He allowed 41 Republicans to openly vote against the President's immigration proposal. And now, eager to avoid total defeat, Ryan is talking with Democrats to try to pass something.

This man has no business leading the Republican Party.

We have just learned, today, that the House Freedom Caucus is drafting a "Motion to Vacate the Chair." Essentially, this would force a confidence vote and give Republicans the opportunity to replace Paul Ryan immediately.

This had been floated in previous weeks but now, Conservatives are moving full steam ahead to force a vote!

Remove Paul Ryan and the rest of the cowards in GOP leadership! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND that they force a vote to vacate the chair!

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is leading the charge on this and working to gather the votes to not only remove Paul Ryan, but to replace him with a true Conservative.

The reasoning is simple: We have worked too hard taking this country back to allow Paul Ryan to spend the next seven months working with the Democrats to pass Hillary Clinton's promises.

We have done this before and won. Back in 2015, Conservatives filed a Motion to Vacate the Chair and forced John Boehner to retire early, before a vote had even been held!

More and more Congressmen are announcing that Paul Ryan must step aside. And so are we.

I am calling on all Conservatives to let their voices be heard and demand that Congress kick this lame duck to the curb before he causes any more damage. 

I don't know about you, but I certainly didn't fight this hard to take this country back just to allow the likes of Paul Ryan to drag us backwards.

Even after facing the wrath of Conservatives in Congress, Paul Ryan is committed to passing an amnesty bill. He must be stopped and it has to be right now!

Remove Paul Ryan and the rest of the cowards in GOP leadership! Please, send your instantly delivered message to Congress and DEMAND that they force a vote to vacate the chair!

Kick him out,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily