Something is happening right now in Congress behind closed doors that neither party wants you to know about: Both parties are moving forward with the biggest gun confiscation bill we have ever seen...

Democrats and Republicans are actively whipping up votes for a massive gun confiscation bill. The bill is called the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act. It is something that leftists and establishment GOPers have been pushing for well over a year.

Just this week, the House version of the bill received two more co-sponsors -- Tom O'Halleran (D-AZ) and Joe Neguse (D-CO) -- bringing the total number of sponsors up to 135. If you thought this bill was dead, think again. Members of both parties are working behind the scenes to get more co-sponsors for this horrible confiscation bill.

In the Senate side, the bill is being pushed by Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Since he controls the Judiciary Committee, he can push his version of the bill through whenever he wants. When Sen. Graham held a hearing on the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act, which was written by Marco Rubio (R-FL) in the Senate, he admitted that "every right has limits." We are now hearing that the Senate version of the bill is also almost ready for a full vote.

This is happening. Both parties are trying to pass a law to strip Americans' constitutional right to keep and bear arms without due process. And it is up to you to stop them!

Don't let Congress pass the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act! Tell Congress right now that they MUST kill this gun confiscation bill, or else they will be removed from office!

Federal law currently outlines around eight ways that the government can suspend your rights and confiscate your guns. In order to be disarmed, someone must (1) be convicted of a felony or violent misdemeanor, (2) be adjudicated mentally defective, (3) be dishonorably discharged from the military, (4) be convicted of a domestic violence charge, (5) renounce their US citizenship, (6) become an illegal alien, (7) become a fugitive from justice, or (8) be an abuser of a controlled substance.

But in each of these cases, it is up to the government to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. They have to take the gun owner to court and convince a judge or jury that the defendant is too dangerous to be trusted with weapons and the accused gun owner must have a chance to defend themself. But the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act would flip this process entirely on its head.

Instead of forcing the government to meet the "proof beyond a reasonable doubt" standard, this new bill would reduce it to a "reasonable suspicion" standard. Typically, reasonable suspicion is used by police to conduct brief stops. If a police officer saw a person in the area of a robbery matching a suspect's description, then he or she would be able to use reasonable suspicion to briefly stop the suspect to ask them a few questions. This is one of the lowest standards of proof that there is in our legal system. It is nowhere near the amount of evidence required to make an arrest, search a car, or even serve a search warrant.

But under the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act, reasonable suspicion would be enough to justify disarming someone. If a family member, friend, or neighbor warned police that a gun owner could be dangerous, that would be all the evidence the police would need in order to confiscate their guns...

We saw this in Maryland last year. 60-year-old Gary Willis got into a heated argument with one of his family members. She reportedly wanted to get even and decided to turn Willis into police, claiming he was "dangerous." Officers then raided Gary Willis' home at 5 a.m. with a confiscation order. And when the man resisted the raid, since he had no idea what was going on, a struggle ensued and he was shot dead in his own doorway. This man was innocent. He had committed no crimes. But testimony from a vengeful family member was enough for police to raid his home.

But this isn't even the worst part. The Congressional bill would also allow for ex parte confiscation hearings. What that means is that prosecutors would present their 'evidence' to a judge without the accused gun owner being present. Only after the raid is conducted would the gun owner be allowed to mount a legal defense. And even then, the deck is still stacked against them. It would be up to the accused gun owner to prove his or her innocence. Forget about innocent until proven guilty. This is guilty until proven innocent...

And while criminal cases require evidence proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, this bill would let judges extend the confiscation order for up to a year based only on "the preponderance of evidence," a much lower standard. What that means is a judge would be able to disarm an American gun owner -- literally suspend their God-given right to self defense -- for a whole year simply if they believe there is at least a 51% chance that the gun owner is dangerous. 

Notice how during this entire process, the prosecutors aren't even required to charge the accused gun owner with a crime...

Our Founding Fathers must be turning over in their graves right now.... This is truly the most dangerous confiscation bill ever introduced in Congress, but Democrats and Republicans are lining up to vote for it!

Fight for your rights! Tell Congress right now that they MUST kill this gun confiscation bill, or else they will be removed from office!

President Trump has already promised to sign this bill if it reaches his desk. Now, Democrats and Republicans are working together to get it there.

Democrats say they have a bipartisan majority in the House and are adding more co-sponsors every week. Lindsey Graham controls the Judiciary Committee and has promised that the bill will get a vote.

This is happening. This is literally a bill designed to disarm innocent people. If this becomes law, it will be abused and innocent people will continue to die.

How do you want the history books to write about this moment?

Do you want to be remembered as the generation that lost the 2nd Amendment or the one that fought back and killed this horrible confiscation bill?

I don't know about you, but I choose to fight. 

Please, help us kill this bill before it is too late!

Don't let Congress pass the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act! Tell Congress right now that they MUST kill this gun confiscation bill, or else they will be removed from office!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily