Breaking News: There are THREE unconstitutional gun control bills racing for full votes in both the House and the Senate... and Republicans are supporting all of them!

This is a long article, but that is because there is a lot that we need to warn you about!

We warned you that this was coming. House committees have officially cleared H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112 and sent them to the floor for a full vote. These are really bad bills.

One of the bills is the "universal background check" bill that we knew was coming. It would create a nationwide registry of ALL gun purchases and transfers. But the other major bill is one that Democrats have started pushing just in the past week. It would give the FBI 20 business days to complete these background checks, which, due to another gun control law passed in 1994, would give the Federal government the power to block millions of gun purchases indefinitely, without even needing to give a reason why! 

Republicans are pushing back, but now how you would expect. The GOP wants their "compromise" gun control bill -- S. 7 -- to be considered first; a Red Flag package that would give police the power to confiscate Americans' guns without even needing to accuse them of a crime first!

This is really, really bad. 

Stop these Pelosi- and GOP-led gun control bills before it's too late! Send your instant and ur gent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill H.R. 8, H.R. 1112, and S. 7 immediately, or else!

H.R. 8 is called the Bipartisan Background Checks Act. It would outlaw the private sale and transfer of firearms in this country. If you want to gift or sell a gun to a friend or family member, you would need to ask the government for permission first and register the transfer with the Feds.

That registration part is the most dangerous. Since the FBI and DOJ already keep a record of every time a gun is bought from a licensed dealer, applying the same registration requirements to private sales/transfers would give them a nationwide gun registry.

Every time that countries have forced citizens to register their guns, nationwide confiscations soon followed. And we're not just talking about dictatorial regimes like the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. That list also includes Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

H.R. 8 is being shepherded through Congress by five Republicans -- Reps. Peter King (NY), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), Brian Mast (FL), Fred Upton (MI), and Christopher Smith (NJ). Congressman Mast used to have an A rating from the NRA, but after the Parkland shooting last year, he flipped in order to save his re-election chances.

The other bill that Democrats just pushed through committee is H.R. 1112. This bill is sinister because, as it is written, it would give the government the power to veto gun purchases. Democrats want to force all gun purchasers to undergo a background check, but with this bill, they also want to give the government a near-unlimited amount of time to process those background checks!

The vast majority of background checks are completed inside an hour. The current law, however, gives the FBI three days to process the background check. If the FBI can't give you a yes or no inside of three days, you're allowed to buy the gun anyway. This law was passed in 1994 when criminal records were still stored on paper and needed to be faxed around the country. Today, background checks literally are done with the click of a button.

H.R. 1112 would eliminate the 3-day window. Instead, it would give the FBI ten business days to process the background check. Not calendar days... business days. If the FBI doesn't give an answer, then purchasers would have to petition for the FBI to give them a reason for the delay. That appeal process takes at least an additional ten business days.

Since the initial NICS background check is only valid for 30 calendar days, this new law would allow the FBI to simply block millions of gun purchases indefinitely and they wouldn't have to even give a reason!

If these bills pass, then the right to keep and bear arms disappears. These two bills would turn gun ownership into nothing but a privilege.

Stop the Democrats and Republicans from pushing these gun control bills through!  Send your instant and ur gent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill H.R. 8, H.R. 1112, and S. 7 before it's too late!

The worst part of all of this is that Republicans aren't even fighting back. Not only are many GOPers co-sponsoring these bills, but the Republican leadership is demanding that Pelosi vote on their gun control bill first. Their Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act (S. 7) would empower police to seize Americans' firearms without cause or due process.

In order for the government to suspend your 2nd Amendment rights, prosecutors need to have a very good reason. Typically, that means they need evidence you committed a crime or are mentally unstable. Notice how I emphasized the word 'evidence.'

The GOP's Red Flag turns that upside down. Police would be allowed to confiscate guns based on just hearsay. If a family member, neighbor, friend, or even stranger warns police that they think someone could be dangerous, that alone is enough to get the confiscation order. It would then be up to the gun owner to present evidence that they deserve their rights back. Under this plan, gun owners be presumed guilty until proven innocent.

Late last year, Maryland police went to serve a Red Flag confiscation order against 61-year-old Gary Willis. He wasn't insane. He wasn't a criminal. He hadn't threatened to hurt anyone. His crime? He got in an argument with a family member and, out of spite, she turned him into police to have his guns taken away. When he refused to hand over his firearms, a scuffle ensued and police officers shot him dead in his doorway.

The first American was killed by the Left's gun confiscation plan and instead of fighting back, the GOP wants to take the program nationwide. This horrible bill is being sponsored by Marco Rubio (FL) and pushed through committee by Lindsey Graham (SC).

We're up against the wall here. Democrats are pushing through legislation that would not only create a nationwide gun registry, but also give the FBI the power to simply block lawful gun purchases. Instead of fighting back, the GOP is pushing a gun control bill of their own which would allow for gun confiscations without due process. They think that is a compromise...

Fight back before it's too late!

Stop the Democrats and Republicans from pushing these gun control bills through!  Send your instant and ur gent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill H.R. 8, H.R. 1112, and S. 7 before it's too late!

If any of these bills pass, the 2nd Amendment will become unrecognizable and a shell of its former past. There is a reason that Republicans and Democrats are rushing this now. The Supreme Court is considering a case out of New Jersey challenging that state's concealed carry ban.

New Jersey's liberal Attorney General was so cocky, he didn't even bother to submit a brief to the Supreme Court. Well, yesterday, the Supreme Court ordered the State of New Jersey to file a response to the lawsuit, signaling that there is sufficient support on the bench to hear the case. That, combined with another case in New York, has the power to revolutionize the 2nd Amendment and bring it back to the founders' intent. Democrats and Republicans know they're running out of time. They are trying to push through as many gun control bills as possible before the Supreme Court slams the door on them.

There is no "compromise" to be had here. Our constitutional rights are not up for debate. You need to stand firm and fight back against ALL of these attempts to chip away at your gun rights before there's nothing left to defend!

Don't let the GOP and Democrats push these bills through! Please, send your instant and ur gent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill H.R. 8, H.R. 1112, and S. 7 immediately... or else!

Your brother in arms,

Joe Otto

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