This is an action alert: Establishment Republicans say they are close to reaching a 'compromise' with Democrats on a new gun confiscation "compromise" bill!

The Left's gun control formula is simple. In order to truly impose their gun control agenda on the country, they need three specific policies to be enacted:

  1. A nationwide gun ban;
  2. Mandatory gun owner registration; and
  3. The power to confiscate firearms from innocent American gun owners.

We all know what Part 1 looks like. Democrats are still trying to pass new gun bans into law. Whether it is Feinstein's proposed semi-automatic firearm ban, the bill to ban .50 caliber weapons, or bills to ban certain models of handguns, the pattern is clear: there are guns that the Left says you shouldn't be allowed to own and the list grows longer every day...

We all also know what Part 2 of their formula is. The push for so-called "universal background checks" is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to create a nationwide gun and gun owner registry. In order to enforce a background check law, the government needs to be able to record every time a firearm changes hands. If they don't keep those records, then it is impossible to ever prosecute someone for illegally buying a gun because they wouldn't be able to prove how they got it.

This is bad because every single time a gun registry was imposed in modern history, it was then used to disarm the people. Look at Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia... the result is always the same. When free people are forced to register their guns with the government, the registry is eventually used to disarm them.

The Left is still trying to get Parts 1 and 2 of their formula passed into law. If you look, these are exactly the gun control laws that Democrat Presidential candidates are promising to enact if they win the White House.

But in the mean time, Democrats want to go right to Part 3 and they are trying to use a Republican gun confiscation bill to do it!

Don't let them chip away at the 2nd Amendment! Tell Congress there will be hell to pay if they pass the Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act or any other "red flag" confiscation bill!

In order for the 2nd Amendment to be a right, it needs to be hard for the government to revoke it. Otherwise, gun ownership would be nothing but a privilege that can be revoked at any time...

Federal law only lists a few ways for the government to revoke someone's gun rights. The government first has to prove that someone (1) committed a felony or violent misdemeanor, (2) is mentally defective or has been involuntarily committed to a mental institution, (3) has been dishonorably discharged from the US military, (4) is addicted to illegal drugs, (5) is a domestic abuser, (6) is an illegal alien, (7) is a fugitive from justice, or (8) has lost or surrendered their US citizenship.

Each of these provisions in the law requires the government to prove that someone broke the law and deserves to lose their gun rights. Prosecutors need to present their evidence in a court and allow the accused a chance to defend themselves. That is called due process.

The Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act, written by Marco Rubio (R-FL), would undo those requirements. Instead of requiring the government to prove that a gun owner broke the law, police and prosecutors would be able to get "temporary" confiscation orders simply by telling a judge that they suspect someone poses a danger to society.

They don't even need to have enough evidence to charge someone with a crime. They would only need hearsay testimony from a family member, friend, co-worker, or neighbor claiming that a gun owner is dangerous. This bill is literally empowering spiteful exes, estranged family members, and angry neighbors to revoke someone's constitutional right to self defense...

Once the guns are confiscated, the gun owner would have to go to court and convince a judge that they aren't dangerous. This turns the principles of our justice system upside down. Instead of being presumed innocent, the disarmed gun owner is presumed guilty. If a judge isn't convinced, then this "temporary" confiscation order would be extended up to one year. And these confiscation orders could be renewed and renewed without the police or prosecutors ever having to actually charge someone with a crime... 

This is not an exaggeration. This bill authorizes and encourages police to confiscate firearms from innocent Americans.

The GOP is pushing this because Trump has said he would sign a bill like this into law. After the Parkland shooting last year, Trump said he wanted Congress to let police "take the guns first, go through due process second." Unfortunately, this is an exact, verbatim quote. Rubio's bill is the GOP's attempt to give Trump what he wants.

Democrats, meanwhile, are licking their lips. Congress is about to expand the government's gun confiscation powers and the Republicans are going to be the ones to push it through... 

Stop the GOP from passing a new gun confiscation bill! Tell Congress right now that you will remove any Congressman or Senator who votes for any "red flag" confiscation legislation!

Mitch McConnell's office gets to assign the first 10 bill numbers. Senate Bills 1 through 10 are assigned to the most important bills that the Republicans want to get passed. Marco Rubio's gun confiscation legislation was assigned Senate Bill 7.

Lindsey Graham is the Republican in charge of the Judiciary Committee. He has promised to push this bill through and says that he is close to striking a "compromise" with Democrats.

There is no such thing as a true "gun control compromise." The compromise is that instead of all Americans losing their rights, only some gun owners would be targeted.

Democrats are more than happy to chip away at the 2nd Amendment piece by piece over time. They've been doing this for a century. But what they didn't expect was for Republicans to be the ones pushing this confiscation bill through.

Ronald Reagan famously said that our freedoms were never more than a generation away from extinction. Do you want to be the generation that lost the right to keep and bear arms?

Or will you join us and fight back right now?!

Stop the GOP's gun confiscation bill before it is too late! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act and any other 'compromise' bill like it!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily