Republican cowards are already lining up to help Democrats revoke Trump's new border executive order!

Yesterday, the Trump administration announced it is withdrawing from a Clinton-era court settlement known as the Flores Settlement. It started in the mid-1980s. Illegal aliens sued the government, claiming mistreatment in illegal immigrant detention centers.

The litigation lasted over 12 years. Finally, the Clinton administration decided to settle the case. They voluntarily agreed to impose new limits on illegal alien detentions. The most important of these was the cap on child and family unit detentions. Clinton agreed not to detain illegal alien children for more than 20 days.

This was a perfectly fair compromise back in 1997 when it only took a couple of weeks for an illegal alien to get before an immigration judge. But today, it takes more than 740 days for the average illegal alien to get their day in court.

The Flores Settlement was designed to limit suffering. But today, it only exacerbates it. Everyone on earth knows that if they show up to the US-Mexico border with a child, even if they aren't related, they are guaranteed to be released into the country before the government has a chance to deport them.

As a result, there is a full-fledged child slave trade going on in Central America right now. Smugglers are literally purchasing and abducting small children so that they can force their way into the United States. Government officials caught a smuggler this past month who admitted to buying a Mexican toddler for less than 40 do llars. And when the cartels are done using these children to get across the border, they often times just leave them to die in the desert.

The Flores Settlement simply isn't working anymore. Yesterday, the Trump administration publicized a new regulation in the Federal Register withdrawing from the settlement and giving Border Patrol and ICE the authority to detain all illegal aliens, regardless of age, until a judge can actually weigh in on their case. The directive authorizes new family-friendly detention centers to be built so that parents and children no longer have to be separated.

This is what the Democrats claimed they wanted. But instead of supporting the new policy, Democrats are vowing to revoke it all... and they have Republican help to do it!

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The minute that the Trump administration filed the regulation in the Federal Register yesterday, the clock started ticking. Congress now has 60 days to permanently reverse the administration's new immigration policy.

The Congressional Review Act gives Congress the power to permanently revoke any Federal regulation within two months of it being finalized, and they can do it with just a simple majority in both the House and the Senate!

What that means is that Democrats only need to get a handful of Republicans to flip. They don't need 60 votes in the Senate to approve the final bill. Instead, if Democrats all stick together, then they only need to flip FOUR Republicans in order to revoke Trump's new regulation. But they wouldn't just revoke the regulation. They would also block the Federal government from ever passing a similar regulation ever again. The Flores Settlement would become permanent.

Since the Congressional Review Act became law back in 1996, it has only been successfully used 17 times. But of those, 16 have been during the Trump Presidency and the most recent resolution was AGAINST a the President. Republicans voted with Democrats to overturn a Trump regulation.

Democrats are already moving to block Trump from withdrawing from the Flores Settlement and Spineless Republicans like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski are lining up to support them.

We finally have a President willing to do everything in his power to protect the American people and secure the border, but it is Republicans who refuse to let it happen.

The GOP refused to approve new border wall funding and Trump declared a National Emergency to secure Pentagon funds to approve hundreds of miles of border wall construction this year. Republicans also approved hundreds of millions in foreign aid to Central America, but Trump fired back by threatening to cut it all if these countries didn't crack down on illegal aliens marching on the United States' border.

And when Lindsey Graham introduced a bill -- the Secure and Protect Act -- that would have repealed the Flores Settlement, the GOP leadership refused to allow a vote. So, Trump is withdrawing on his own.

The Democrats are able to push their new resolution through and get only a couple of Republicans to turn on the President, then it will be all over!

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You need to understand precisely what Democrats are trying to do here. They are trying to advertise to the entire world that US immigration laws do not apply if someone shows up to the border with a child (even if the child isn't their own...).

Democrats want to import more future-Democrat voters. Republicans want to please their corporate donors and bring in even more low-skill laborers that will work for less than Americans will...

Neither party wants to secure the border. Trump is standing alone.

But he isn't really alone... He has you. And right now, President Trump needs your help!

Democrats and Republicans are teaming up to block Trump's new immigration executive order. They want to keep the border wide open.

But YOU can stop them! You can fight back and force these cowards to stand down! The only reason the GOP is caving is because they think they can get away with it.

It is up to you to prove them wrong!

Don't let the GOP stab us in the back! Send your instant FaxBlast right now and FORCE Congress to kill this new open border CRA resolution before it's too late!



Joe Otto

Conservative Daily