GOP cowards are now trying to block the Secure and Protect Act from reaching the floor.

August is, without a doubt, the most dangerous month for conservatives. The Federal Government's fiscal year ends in September and if Congress does not pass 12 spending bills to fund government departments and agencies by then, the government shuts down.

If Republicans had a backbone, they would use this opportunity to actually fulfill the promises they made to us conservatives. They would use their power of the purse to actually push through conservative bills and policies.

But that isn't what happens. The GOP always -- and I mean always -- caves to the Democrats.

Right now, all eyes are on the Republicans' gun control negotiations. The GOP thinks they can cave to the Democrats' other demands without the media, or you, noticing. The establishment knows they can't keep their surrenders secret forever, they just need to keep them under wraps long enough so that you can't stop them.

Last week, Lindsey Graham pushed a bill through the Judiciary Committee that would completely end the crisis at the Southern Border. It would block illegal aliens from gaming the asylum system and put an end to Obama's catch-and-release policies once and for all.

Democrats told Graham not to do it. Republican leadership told him to stand down. But Graham ignored both sides and pushed the Secure and Protect Act through the committee anyway. We rejoiced. There was finally a pathway to securing the border.

But now Republicans are pumping the brakes. Lindsey Graham violated the Judiciary Committee's rules. He pushed the bill through without allowing the Democrats to comment on the bill first, which is a violation.

The GOP is using this technicality to send the legislation back to the committee. They know that they can't afford to vote against it, They will be forced out of office. So, they're using this technicality to slow the bill down so it can't be tacked onto the Homeland Security spending package coming up for a vote!

This is the fight for the future of this country. Do not let the Republicans and Democrats block the Secure and Protect Act!

Don't let the GOP sabotage the Secure and Protect Act! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass this bill and close the asylum loopholes once and for all!

Lindsey Graham's bill does three things. It (1) hires 500 new immigration judges to eliminate the 2-year asylum court case backlog, (2) changes the law to make sure that all asylum seekers -- including families -- are not released into the country before their cases are heard, and (3) forces future asylum seekers to claim asylum every time they reach a safe country.

Combined, this would end the surge of illegal aliens at the border. Right now, illegal aliens know that we don't have the resources to detain everyone who crosses the border. They have flooded the court system with fraudulent asylum claims and then use trafficked children to force their way into the country. The law says that if a migrant shows up at the border with a child, even if they can't prove they are related, the government has to set them free after 20 days. That is nowhere near long enough to hold asylum and deportation hearings... Graham's bill would ensure that no illegal alien is ever released into the country because of a court backlog.

This bill is literally life and death. We just got tragic news from Colorado. Miguel Ramirez Valiente (shown above) is Salvadoran illegal alien who applied for asylum years ago, but was rejected and ordered deported from the country. However, due to the court backlog, he was able to escape into the country and disappear. He was arrested for reckless endangerment in 2011, domestic violence in 2016, and pled guilty to DUI in 2018. But each time Federal agents tried to deport him, he ran to his local church to hide out. ICE agents aren't allowed to raid churches.

Well, Valiente was arrested again last week. This time, for vehicular manslaughter. He lost control of his truck and hit Sean Buchanan, a motorcycle rider. Buchanan was killed instantly. This illegal alien gamed the asylum system to get into the country and used every loophole to avoid deportation, even as he committed more and more crimes against Americans. Now, Sean Buchanan, a father of five, is dead.

This is what open borders looks like. Americans are dying because illegal alien criminals are allowed to abuse our asylum laws and break into the United States.

Graham's bill would put a stop to this once and for all. Illegal aliens would not be able to use an asylum application or child to force their way into the country. And the asylum frauds would be promptly deported.

But the GOP doesn't want to touch it. They are more than happy to let illegal alien criminals like Miguel Ramirez Valiente force their way into the country and hurt Americans. So, they are using a rules violation for force the bill back into committee.

You CANNOT let this happen!

Don't let the GOP sabotage the Secure and Protect Act! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass this bill and close the asylum loopholes once and for all!

Graham's bill is the best shot that we have to finally secure the border. It would end the child trafficking taking place and force the thousands of caravan migrants marching through Central and South America to turn around.

But the only way to force this bill through is to attach it to a must-pass spending bill. And for that to happen, it has to go to the floor now

If the GOP succeeds in sending it back to Committee, the window will close and these loopholes will stay open for at least another year. Republicans and Democrats will not tackle immigration during an election year. We need to push this through now.

The Establishment is counting on you not paying attention. They are hoping that you are so focused on the gun control fight, that you won't notice what they're doing behind the scenes.

But now you know. And you must fight back right now!

Don't let the GOP sabotage the Secure and Protect Act! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass this bill and close the asylum loopholes once and for all!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily