Over the past year, we have bombarded Congress with close to a million FaxBlasts demanding that they fight for American soldiers who have been wrongfully imprisoned and prosecuted under the Obama administration's anti-military policies.

During the Obama Presidency, even the smallest mistake was enough to ruin a soldier's life. Take former Army 1st Lieutenant Michael Bahenna. He was convicted of unpremeditated murder in 2009 when he killed a Taliban prisoner in self-defense. His self-defense claims were ignored and a military court sentenced him to 25 years.

Earlier this month, Pres. Trump issued Bahenna a full pardon. Members of Congress like Duncan Hunter (R-CA) had been pressuring Trump to issue the pardon for over a year and the pressure campaign worked!

Now, Conservatives in Congress are trying to do the unthinkable: Get dozens of wrongfully imprisoned and convicted soldiers released and pardoned this week in time for Memorial Day.

They need your help to get this done!

Help free these military heroes! Send your urgent message to Congress right now and FORCE them to fight to release ALL of these wrongfully prosecuted soldiers!

We have covered Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher's case over the past few months. Well, in addition to prosecutors hiding video evidence that completely exonerates Gallagher of "war crimes," but the prosecutors were just caught red-handed spying on his defense attorneys. They hid a computer virus in an email that allowed the prosecutors to spy on the defense attorneys email communications. They know that their case is falling apart and they're desperate.

But it is not just Eddie Gallagher. There is also Clint Lorance, the Army Lieutenant who was convicted of murder for ordering his soldiers to fire on two men barreling towards them on a motorcycle. Lorance feared they could be trying to kill Americans with a suicide bomb. Well, it turns out that the men on the motorcycle were Taliban bombmakers. The US Military found biometric evidence connecting them to other roadside bombs in the area, but prosecutors withheld this evidence at trial.

Then there is Matthew Golsteyn. The military investigated him for killing a Taliban bombmaker but determined that there wasn't enough evidence to proceed. After Golsteyn discussed the case on Fox News in 2016, however, the Obama administration decided to re-open the case, even though there wasn't any new evidence.

There is also Sgt. Derrick Miller. Miller was notified that the Taliban had infiltrated the American base. When the Taliban suspect was brought to him to be interrogated, he reached for Miller's gun. The Sergeant was forced to defend himself, but the Obama administration decided to make an example of him and seek a life sentence.

Army Sgt. John Hatley was also horribly mistreated. In 2007, he captured terrorists during a firefight, but command ordered him to release them. Years later, a soldier in Hatley's unit was caught sleeping at his post and assaulted an officer. In order to get out of the charges, he claimed that Hatley had murdered the captives. When investigators went to the spot where he claimed the bodies were buried, they found nothing. Yet the Obama administration still prosecuted Hatley for the murders.

On top of that, Trump has requested case info on a Marine sniper team that was been charged with "desecrating" the bodies of dead Taliban terrorists. A military appeals court has already overturned one Marine's conviction.

Reps. Duncan Hunter and Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) are pressuring Trump to pardon ALL wrongfully prosecuted and convicted soldiers. But they need your help right now!

Free these military heroes! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to fight to release ALL of these wrongfully prosecuted soldiers!

Already, bureaucrats in the Pentagon are trying to force Congress to abandon these heroes. We only know about these developments because government officials are leaking this information to try to stop President Trump from freeing these heroes.

This is our chance to free not one, not two, but ALL of these mistreated soldiers. This is an opportunity to undo the Obama administration's targeted prosecution of these military heroes and return them to their families.

Congressmen Crenshaw and Hunter are doing everything they can, but they need your help to force the rest of Congress to join the fight.

These men volunteered to serve. They put their lives on the line to fight for this country and to preserve our way of life and were prosecuted by an Obama administration that was more interested in political correctness than anything else.

Now, I am begging you to answer the call and fight for them before it's too late!

Help us free these innocent military heroes! Please, Send your urgent message to Congress right now and ORDER them to join the fight get ALL of these wrongfully prosecuted soldiers released!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily