Democrats know it is now or never if they want to push their agenda through. As we've reported, Joe Biden is spiraling the drain and he risks dragging the Leftist agenda down with him.

With Joe Manchin now announcing that he opposes pushing radical agenda items through reconciliation, Democrats are now out of options and like a wild animal backed into a corner, they are going to strike.

The Left knows if they have any hope of pushing their agenda through, they have to bypass the filibuster. The filibuster is a rule in the Senate that requires nearly all legislation to receive at least 60 votes in order to end debate. Basically, if 60 Senators don't vote to end the debate, the debate over legislation technically goes on forever and it can never reach a final vote. 

Democrats don't have 60 votes. They have 50 votes (technically, 51 if Kamala Harris casts a tie-breaking vote). Unless they get 10 Republicans to side with them, no legislation can survive the filibuster.

Democrat leadership is now demanding that the filibuster be lifted, but only for 'important' issues, like constitutional rights. House Majority Whip James Clyburn - the #3 ranking Democrat in the House - announced today that “the filibuster ought not apply to anything akin to a constitutional issue.”

If he and other Democrats get their way, they would be able to push through a whole host of radical bills and we would have no way to stop them!

Stop the Left's plan to abolish the filibuster! Send your instant message to Congress right now and DEMAND that they block the "Clyburn Rule" from passing, at all costs!

Clyburn made the comment in reaction to a Texas law banning abortion procedures performed after an unborn child's heart starts beating. If death is defined as the moment a human being's heart stops beating, it only makes sense to protect the unborn once their hearts start beating...

Clyburn and other Leftists want to block Texas and other states from protecting the unborn. They want to overrule state laws but right now, the filibuster stands in their way. Under Clyburn's plan, because abortion is a "constitutional right," Democrats would be able to bypass the 60-vote threshold and push through anti-life legislation.

The same applies to gun control. The Left has been trying to impose a new gun ban onto the American people for decades. The only thing stopping them is the filibuster. With the "Clyburn Rule" implemented, Democrats would be able to ban as many guns as they want.

The Left will do the same with immigration, claiming that illegal aliens have a constitutional right to live here. They'll use the "Clyburn Rule" to push through new restrictions on free speech. They would be able to shut down state-level election integrity laws to protect election thieves. Some are even calling for the filibuster to be lifted to mandate that all Americans get the covid vaccine, another clear violation of individual liberty.

With this rule change, the Left would be free to ram their entire agenda through...

They MUST be stopped!

Stop the Left's plan to abolish the filibuster! Please, you need to send your instant message to Congress right now and DEMAND that they block the "Clyburn Rule" from passing, at all costs!


Max McGuire
Conservative Daily