Yesterday marked the four year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. While the FBI investigated the shooting and concluded that the shooter was waging jihad on behalf of ISIS, you wouldn't know that by reading the press releases that Democrats put out yesterday.

Joe Biden released a statement that didn't even mention that it was a terrorist attack. Nancy Pelosi put out a statement highlighting the fact that the nightclub was a gay bar (something the shooter did not know, according to investigators). She used the anniversary as a chance to announce her party's renewed gun control push.

For years, Democrats have made it a central part of their gun control push that no civilian needs access to a semi-automatic firearm. Even though Americans have owned semi-automatic firearms since the late 1800s, Democrats are pretending that the technology has suddenly become too dangerous for civilians.

"Only police officers should have access to this weaponry," they would always tell us. "No one needs a firearm, that is what the police are for..."

Now, Democrats want to disband and disarm the police. But don't think for a second that they are loosening their gun control demands. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are now advancing the strictest gun control bills that we have seen in a very long time!

Stop the Left's renewed gun control push! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they kill all three of these gun control bills!

Imagine that for a second. Immediately after promising to disband and defund police departments, Democrats just announced a renewed push to disarm law-abiding citizens. In their ideal world, the only people who would be armed are the criminals...

Pelosi has now announced a renewed push to pass three specific bills, by any means necessary.

The first is the so-called Bipartisan Background Check Act. This legislation would require that all Americans receive government permission whenever they buy or acquire a firearm. Yes, that would also apply to gifted firearms between family members and friends... The reason for this is simple. The Left's end goal is civilian disarmament. But they know that confiscations are impossible without a database of who owns what firearms. The Bipartisan Background Check Act would create a record every time a firearm changes hands, something the Far Left hopes could be used to carry out their disarmament dreams.

The next bill is the Untraceable Firearms Act. When states across the country forced gun stores to close due to the pandemic, Americans turned to homemade do-it-yourself firearms kits to arm themselves. If Democrat Politicians say it is too dangerous for people to purchase firearms, then law abiding gun owners would simply build them themselves. This is completely legal under Federal law. Anyone who is legally allowed to own a gun can also legally manufacture a gun, as long as it is just for personal use. The Untraceable Firearms Act would apply a background check requirement to firearm parts, meaning that anyone who wants to build, or even repair a firearm, would have to declare their intention to the Federal government and receive permission to do it. Again, this is designed to create the biggest database possible for Democrats to use for their disarmament policy.

But the third bill Pelosi and the Dems are now pushing is perhaps the most dangerous. The Enhanced Background Checks Act would change current law to allow the federal government to stall and even block firearm transfers from happening. After requiring everyone to ask the government for permission to buy a gun, Liberals want to give the FBI the power to simply say, "no." Currently, federal law requires a yes or no background check response within three days. If the FBI cannot get its act together and process a background check in three days, then the purchaser is allowed to take the gun home with them anyway. This is a failsafe in the law designed to make sure the government cannot simply block gun purchases all together. The Enhanced Background Checks Act, however, would increase that deadline to 20 business days. Since a background check form is only valid for one month, this bill would allow the government to block millions of gun purchases a year without even having to give a reason why!

Individually, each one of these bills are a gross violation of our rights. But combined, they would literally pave the way for nationwide gun confiscations the next time that Democrats control the government...

You CANNOT let them push this through!

Stop the Left's renewed gun control push! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they kill all three of these gun control bills!

Democrats are promising to push this through, by any means necessary. They know that they cannot push through a new gun ban or confiscation bill right now. So instead, they want to set the stage to make it easier to confiscate Americans' guns in the future.

This package would let the government know anytime someone buys, sells, or transfers a firearm. It would give the government notice whenever someone builds or repairs a firearm. And it would empower the FBI to literally block millions of gun transfers a year simply by running out the clock...

Immediately after holding hearings on defunding and disarming the police, now Democrats want to advance their agenda to disarm you as well.

You must fight back!

Stop the Left's renewed gun control push! Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND that they kill all three of these gun control bills, no matter what it takes!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily