Dear American,

Thirteen years ago, our world was radically changed. On that sunny September morning, 19 hijackers took control of four passenger aircraft and altered the course of human history.

We all remember where we were that day… where we were when we learned that the towers had fallen…

As horrific as that day was, I will also never forget the days that followed. There was no such thing as a “Democrat” or “Republican” on September 12, 2001. There were only Americans. We all put aside our political differences and came together as one in the wake of that horrible tragedy.

While September 11th was the worst day many of us will ever experience, the attacks also brought out the best in us… it brought the country together.

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There are plenty of topics we could, and probably should, be talking about today. We could focus on Obama’s speech last night, pledging to attack ISIS terrorists wherever they exist… We could talk about the fact that the President believes he can do all of this without Congressional approval.

We could talk about the IRS scandal, the Department of (in)Justice, the crisis at the border, impeachment, Obamacare, you name it…

But that doesn’t feel right. Even 13 years after the fact, it doesn’t feel right to talk about politics today…

All I ask is that today, you call a family member or friend and tell them how much you love them. Give someone an extra long hug. Help a stranger in need. Honor the 2,977 victims of that horrible attack with love and compassion.

But most importantly, never forget… Never forget the sacrifice…


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily