We SUPPORT Trump! END the Political Persecution of Trump! TRUMP WILL Win The 2024 Election - But Only if We Take a Stand!
The political persecution of Trump just won't stop! They are afraid of the man, and they are doing everything and anything to divert his attention from campaigning, instead forcing him to focus on pointless court appearances, indictments, and trials that lack any foundation or validity. It has to stop! Congress needs to know that the American people support President Donald Trump. We don't believe in all these worthless trials, and we demand that they stop. Any court that misuses and abuses the justice system to pursue false charges must be brought to justice! Stop the political persecution of President Donald Trump!
Donald Trump has faced relentless attacks from the media, his fellow members of Congress and the government, and the "justice" system. This year, we have witnessed a barrage of attacks aimed at President Trump with the goal of removing him from ballots, impeaching him, preventing his re-election (which, given his approval rating, will most definitely happen), financially attacking him, using the media to launch smear campaigns against him, his family, and his allies, imprisoning his closest allies and supporters, and much more.
In Colorado, a 14th Amendment trial to remove Trump from the 2024 ballot began after a group of voters filed a lawsuit.
In New York, Former President Donald Trump took the stand to defend himself against allegations of financial misrepresentation by Attorney General Letitia James. It's worth noting that the judge for this case is furious that President Trump can freely speak and continue to deliver addresses during his trial. What a joke, the man has a first amendment right.
And what about the Fulton County trial in Georgia with Fani Willis? The so-called investigation into the supposed efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia... I didn't know there were legal grounds for criminally charging someone because they questioned the validity of an election.
The attempts to destroy Donald Trump, his empire, all that he stands for, and his allies are painfully clear. My question is, how is any of this legal? Why are American taxpayer dollars being funneled into these bogus court proceedings that are based on "charges" that are completely devoid of truth?
This barrage of attacks is launched because Donald Trump's opponents are afraid of him! They know he will win the 2024 election if they stand aside and do nothing, so they must attack him, push for things like voting machines and mail-in ballots, delay him, financially attack him, and do everything in their power to steal the election from him once again.
The use of the justice system to attack Donald Trump needs to end! These court proceedings and so-called "crimes" are baseless, and they are funded by a complete misappropriation of state funds. Congress needs to put an end to this political persecution, stand up for Donald Trump, and restore justice in our government!
Congress needs to get one thing straight: The American people support Donald Trump! We will not tolerate the unrelenting political persecution, smear campaigns, stolen elections, censorship, and the complete lack of justice that Trump is facing. Enough is enough! Congress, stop the political persecution of Donald Trump!