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For months, Barack Obama has been releasing terrorists from Guantanamo Bay and transferring them to countries that can’t be trusted to keep the worst-of-the-worst behind bars.

Take a look for yourself at the list of countries that have accepted GITMO terrorists and ask yourself whether you have confidence in their ability to keep these terrorists locked up. There have been 203 terrorists sent back to Afghanistan, 134 sent to Saudi Arabia, 63 to Pakistan, 42 to Oman and Yemen… the list goes on and on.

A few of these released terrorists have been in the news in recent days.

One former GITMO prisoner and expert document forger that Obama transferred to Uruguay has gone missing and is thought to have crossed into Brazil in the lead-up to the Olympics. Another released Guantanamo terrorist (Ayrat Nasimovich Yakhitov) has ascended to become the head of the ISIS chapter in Chechnya.

But this isn't even the most startling news...

This week, a Guantanamo “forever prisoner” – someone who for the last decade and a half was deemed too dangerous to ever be released – named Abdul Natif Nasir was ‘re-evaluated” by the Obama administration and officially cleared to be transferred to… Morocco.

Obama is in a mad dash to free as many Guantanamo Bay terrorists as possible! FaxBlast Congress and FORCE them to amend the NDAA to stop Obama from endangering innocent lives through his terrorist release program!

The Guantanamo Bay parole board set up by the Obama administration concluded that even though Abdul Natif Nasir “presents some level of threat in light of his past activities, skills, and associations,” they believed that this threat could be mitigated by sending this “forever prisoner” to the third-world African country of Morocco.

As you might remember, Morocco was in the news in 2008 when nine terrorists escaped from one of its high-security prisons. This is where Barack Obama has decided to send a terrorist who, up until a week ago, was determined to be too dangerous to ever be released.

This is happening every single week and the mainstream media isn’t covering any of it.

We know that these people are the worst-of-the-worst. We know, thanks to Wikileaks, that these people weren’t just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. All of the terrorists that Obama is releasing have been labeled HIGH RISK by the Pentagon.

The terrorist that Obama released to Uruguay in 2014 is an expert document forger. Now, the Uruguay government has no idea where he is. They suspect that he crossed into Brazil, which is especially troubling given the proximity to the Olympics. Oh, and do you want to know this terrorist’s name? Jihad Ahmad Diyab. Obama released from prison a terrorist named Jihad and now we’re supposed to be shocked that he escaped and disappeared into a country set to hold the world’s largest sporting event and biggest terror target.

For goodness sake, one of the terrorists that Obama released a year and a half ago (Mohammad Zahir) was originally imprisoned because he was caught trafficking Cold War-era Soviet Uranium in Afghanistan that he intended to use to build a WMD.

These are horrible people that want to do real damage to us and Obama keeps letting them out of prison.

The President is set to release up to TWENTY more Guantanamo Bay terrorists this summer. Like always, we will continue to highlight how stupid this policy is and call attention to how dangerous these men are.

But we can't affect change on our own. We need your help in stopping this asinine terrorist release program before Obama is able to set any more terrorists free.

Here's how we're going to put an end to this:

Both the House and the Senate could not agree on language for the National Defense Authorization Act. This is the bill to fund the military for the next year. That means the bill is going to conference to hash out the differences. All it takes to put an end to Obama's suicidal terror release program is to get one Congressman to attach a single sentence amendment to the NDAA prohibiting the release of any more GITMO prisoners.

Because the NDAA legislation went to conference, it can pass the Senate with a simple majority. The threshold for passage in the Senate is lowered from 60 to 51, meaning that it is literally impossible for the Democrats to filibuster and block the bill.

This is within reach. We can stop this right now but the window is closing!

Obama is freeing terrorists in defiance of the Pentagon’s recommendations and now they’re back to killing innocent people. Click to send your FaxBlast and force Congress amend the NDAA and halt Obama's terror release program once and for all!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily