Dear Conservative,

By now you’ve heard about what happened yesterday in Garland, Texas. A “draw Muhammad” event was being held and two ISIS-affiliated gunmen opened fire on the event center.

One police officer was injured. He has since been released from the hospital. Luckily, there was a large police presence already on hand and they were able to kill the two gunmen before anyone else was victimized.

Elton Simpson has been identified as one of the gunmen. Simpson was arrested a few years ago for trying to join the al-Shabaab terror group in Somalia. His probation ended in 2014. He, like so many other Americans caught trying to join terror groups, was supposed to be under surveillance. But the FBI missed that he was planning the attack and missed his post to Twitter detailing what he was about to do.

Last year, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced the Expatriate Terrorist Act. This bill would revoke the citizenship of anyone who returns from waging jihad abroad.

The Democrats worked to kill this bill, claiming that the FBI had returning-terrorists under surveillance and would be able to thwart an attack.

Elton Simpson proves that no amount of surveillance will ever be enough.

Click to DEMAND that Ted Cruz’s Expatriate Terrorist Act be reintroduced and given a full vote!

It’s simple. We already have laws on the books that strip Americans’ citizenship if they are caught fighting for a foreign army or taking an oath of loyalty to one of our enemies.

But that law was written a long time ago, long before groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS came onto the scene.

We are left with a law that makes absolutely no sense. An American who joins Iran’s military, for example, would have his or her citizenship immediately revoked. But if the same American pledged loyalty to ISIS, the U.S. government would be powerless to do anything about it.

How does that make sense?

The attack yesterday in Garland, Texas proves that there are Radical Islamists among us just waiting for the opportunity to strike.

But there are also as many as 150 Americans fighting for ISIS who have the training and the expertise to launch a real attack if they were ever allowed back into the country.

And right now, thanks to the Democrats, these trained fighters are allowed to come home whenever they want!

Make no mistake…. We got off lucky yesterday. The two gunmen had no experience with firearms and it showed.

Now, imagine if yesterday’s attack was perpetrated by someone with actual weapons training…

The solution is obvious. Anyone who tries or succeeds at travelling abroad to fight for terrorist organizations needs to be locked up. If they try to return home, they need to be turned away at the border and have their passports seized!

Demand that Congress close this dangerous loophole and stop radicalized Americans from coming home!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily