Fellow Conservative,

There are 28 pages of the original 9/11 intelligence report that, to this day, remain classified and out of reach for the American public.

People have always suspected that these pages point the finger at the Saudi Arabia government for being behind the 9/11 terror attacks in New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania.

Right now, there is a push in Congress to declassify these 28 pages and Saudi Arabia is not happy.

The Saudis are threatening to sell off all of their US assets (all of their treasury bonds and other holdings) if the files are released. Whatever is in those pages, the powers-that-be do not want it released.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama just released NINE Guantanamo Bay terrorists and sent them to Saudi Arabia for “re-education.” Apparently, the goal is to send religious radicals to a country run by religious radicals to re-educate them and teach them not to be a religious radical. Call me crazy, but I doubt that plan is going to work. Asking radicals in Saudi Arabia to re-educate other radicals is like asking the Obama administration to prosecute one of its own criminal bureaucrats. Not going to happen.

You see, what the Obama administration wants you to forget is that the public has all the information on these terrorists. The Guantanamo Papers were leaked to the public by Wikileaks. Of the 9 that Obama just released, almost all of them were considered a medium-to-high risk of trying to kill Americans again if ever given the chance. These aren’t innocent people. One of the men Obama just released was sent to Guantanamo in the first place because he was caught organizing “recruitment of people from Saudi Arabia to the Taliban in Afghanistan.” That is one of the official charges against him. This is a man who was captured because he was recruiting jihadists in Saudi Arabia and the Obama administration just transferred him to minimum-security in… Saudi Arabia. The stupidity in the oval office continues.

Send your FaxBlasts to Congress NOW! Demand that Congress declassify the 28 9/11 pages and STOP Obama from transferring terrorists who are guaranteed to start killing Americans again!

This is how broken the system is, folks. There are 28 declassified pages that everyone in-the-know has said implicates the Saudi royal family in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Saudis are threatening to sell-off American assets if the truth comes out and how does Obama respond?

He hands nine of the “worst of the worst” Guantanamo terrorists over to the Saudis.

It is suspected that upwards of 30% of all the terrorists who have been released from Guantanamo have resumed their jihad against the United States and the West. I'd say that likelihood increases if they are transferred to a state that supports terrorism.

Take Ahmed Umar Abdullah Al Hikimi, for example. He is one of the terrorists that Obama just released this weekend. When the Pentagon conducted a review of all the remaining terrorists in custody, not only did they label him as a “HIGH Risk” to re-engage in terrorism if given the chance, but they also recommended “this detainee for Continued Detention Under DoD Control.”

The military is literally telling Obama that these terrorists are too dangerous to be released and too dangerous to be even transferred outside of a system under Department of Defense control.

What Obama is doing is treasonous, folks. His military advisors are telling him that Americans will die if these terrorists are released or transferred and the President doesn't care.

That might sound harsh, but it is true. When the Pentagon tells the President that his policy will kill Americans and the President ignores their analysis and continues on anyway, that is treasonous.

The President is supposed to put America and Americans first. He hasn’t.

He has put political correctness ahead of American security. That ends today!

Don’t let Obama get away with this! Please FaxBlast Congress demanding they declassify the 9/11 documents and STOP Obama from sending Guantanamo terrorists to countries that sponsor and harbor terrorists!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily