Fellow Conservative,

They did it. The House of Representatives actually passed legislation to halt Obama’s Syrian refugee program and force the administration to fully certify background checks before letting anyone in.

Not only did the bill pass, but 47 Democrats voted “yes” as well. That gives the House of Representatives a veto-proof supermajority of 67% support. Even if Obama vetoes the legislation, there are enough votes in the lower-chamber to override him.

But like clockwork, Harry Reid is promising to stop the bill from ever coming up for a vote. Yes, this is the same Harry Reid who previously called Republicans ‘obstructionists’ for blocking his legislation. What a hypocrite.

Even as Harry Reid vows to stop this legislation from getting to Obama’s desk, his colleagues are abandoning him. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has come out and said he has serious doubts about letting Syrian refugees in unchecked. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) also came out and said that “we need to be very careful about Syrian refugee admissions.” They are two of the most powerful Democrats in the Senate.

This has a chance at passing! We have a chance at putting common sense legislation, backed by the majority of Americans, onto Obama’s desk. If he vetoes it, we are already halfway towards overriding it!

Don’t give up now! Tell Congress to pass the American SAFE Act immediately and override Obama’s veto if necessary!

The American SAFE Act has one main goal. It will force the heads of the major intelligence agencies to certify that each refugee applicant is safe to enter.

Right now, the Obama administration has the power to say ,“close enough.” If administration officials perform a background check and don’t get all the information they need, they can say “close enough” and approve the refugees for entry anyway.

Instead of just one department performing a background check, this legislation would force the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the Director of National Intelligence to each perform their own background checks.

If any one of them determines that the refugee poses any threat to the United States, he or she would be denied entry.

With how difficult it is to perform background checks on Syrians, it makes sense to perform them in triplicate.

But Obama and his leftist allies want to make it as easy as possible for Syrian refugees to come into the country. They are only willing to devote one intelligence agency to running these background checks.

What a sham.

Listen, the United States truly is the land of opportunity. We, as a people, have never had a problem with helping people in need.

But this is different. This has to be different. Terrorists are using the refugee crisis to sneak into the west. The threat is simply too high. To let refugees in without fully vetting them is unacceptable!

The House passed the American SAFE Act! Don’t delay! Tell Congress to finish the job and, if necessary, override President Obama’s veto to lock down our borders!

When a parent locks their front door before going to bed, it isn’t because they hate everyone on the outside. They lock the door because they love those on the inside.

Already, the Left is trying to paint us as xenophobic bigots. Anything short of open borders is unacceptable to them. Well, let them talk.

I for one will not stand by and let this happen. When my grandchildren and great-grandchildren ask what I did to keep this country safe, I want my answer to be “everything I possibly could.”

What will your response be?

We overloaded the Congressional fax servers yesterday. We sent so many FaxBlasts to Congress that we actually overloaded their system.

We need to do the same thing today and we need your help!

Don’t let Obama bring Syrian refugees here without background checks! Force the government to fully vet each refugee! Demand Congress pass the American SAFE Act immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily