Fellow Conservative,

Last week, Barack Obama vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2016. This is the legislation that would fund the military and ensure that military families receive their paychecks ontime.

What a surprise, Obama vetoed it!

He vetoed it because he didn’t like how Congress appropriated money for the President’s “war fund.” They gave Obama an extra $38 Billion in war funds for ‘just in case.’

The way they appropriated the money, they were able to avoid having to deal with the mandated budget caps.

Obama said that if Congress was going to bend the rules to give more money for military spending, then they would have to do the same for Obama’s domestic spending. So, the President vetoed the military spending bill in order to force Congress to approve more spending for his liberal programs.

Thanks to this selfish President, military families don’t know if their next paycheck is even going to come. Soldiers’ spouses don’t know if they’re going to even be able to put food on their table.

When the Senate voted on this bill, the vote was 70-27, which is three votes more than the 67 required for a veto override.

Congress starts TOMORROW on overriding Obama’s veto. Demand that they vote YES and put a stop to Obama’s attempts to defund our military!

Obviously, making sure that our military men and women are paid must be one of our top priorities.

But the 2016 NDAA is also chock full of other awesome Conservative amendments.

It loosens the restrictions to allow servicemen and women to carry sidearms when inside domestic military bases. This will help put a stop to the senseless massacres of unarmed American soldiers that we have seen in recent years in Fort Hood and Chattanooga.

Every year, Americans pay millions of dollars to keep old World War II pistols in storage. Instead of paying to watch these relics sit in storage, the 2016 NDAA will allow the Army to sell them to the Civilian Marksmanship Program and allow qualified civilians to purchase them.

There are also amendments to get rid of loopholes and force the Department of Defense to buy American-made products over foreign-made ones.

I could go on and on listing these common-sense amendments. But now you see how much is at stake.

The votes are there to override Obama’s veto in the Senate and you can count on two hands how many votes we need to capture to get the override through the House.

This is doable!

Obama has only vetoed 5 pieces of legislation. So far, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have spared him from having to make any difficult or embarrassing vetoes.

That ends today. If Barack Obama wants to shamefully hold our military’s paychecks hostage, then he is going to pay the price!

Voting starts this week! Tell Congress to override Obama’s veto and fully fund our military and military families!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily