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Yesterday, the State Department published another 362 of Hillary Clinton's emails that were deleted and subsequently recovered by FBI investigators. Every single one of those deleted government records is evidence of a crime.

All told, the FBI recovered 15,000 deleted emails from Clinton’s server. The fact that the State Department released any of these emails proves that Hillary Clinton illegally deleted work-related emails, which are government records. Not only that, she testified under oath that she did not destroy government records, meaning that these latest emails open her up to Congressional perjury charges.

The Obama administration is already in cover-up mode. They are saying that many of the emails recovered were “near duplicates” of emails already turned over.

But they are dancing around the issue. Hillary Clinton destroyed government records. The FBI was able to recover some of them off of her hard drive and they contain classified information…

New evidence shows Hillary destroyed evidence that she mishandled Classified information! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND Contempt of Congress charges!

Those government records include information that is too sensitive to be released to the public.

Take this email as an example. It is an email that was sent to Hillary Clinton. Almost the entirety of the email was determined to be Classified at the time it was sent. It is so classified, the American public is not allowed to see it until the year 2037.

The administration says this information is unimportant because it is a “near duplicate” of an email Clinton already turned over. But the part she didn’t turn over is the subsequent email in the chain where she told one of her aides to “pls print” the classified information.

That’s a crime. Hillary Clinton broke the law by forwarding classified information to an aide to print out.

The State Dept released a 2nd email yesterday showing Hillary Clinton doing the same thing: forwarding classified information to an aide to print out.

Here we have two emails that Hillary Clinton tried to delete, but the FBI recovered, showing her removing Classified information from its “proper place of custody” and having aides print it out. This is a clear violation of the Espionage Act.

We have evidence that Hillary Clinton sent and received Classified information, forwarded it to her aides so they could print it out for her, and then destroyed the evidence. On top of it all, thsi shows she 100% lied to Congress. This is a slam-dunk case.

Rep Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) has declared his intention to keep the Clinton investigation going but he faces tremendous pressure from both political establishments to let Clinton off the hook.

Don’t let them shutter the investigation! Send your urgent FaxBlast now and DEMAND that Hillary Clinton be held in Contempt of Congress and referred to a Grand Jury!

When Hillary Clinton looked poised to win the Presidency, the biggest worry was that she would use the outcome of the election to shutter the investigation into her email crimes.

How can we, in good conscience, allow the fact that she lost the election to justify doing the same?

Hillary Clinton broke the law. Period. The outcome of the election doesn’t change that. If we allow Congress to let her off the hook because she lost, then we are no better than the Democrats who planned to let her off the hook if she won.

Justice is supposed to be blind.

With yesterday’s latest email dump, we see even more evidence that Hillary Clinton mishandled Classified information. Not only did she illegally store the information on her private server and mishandle it by forwarding, but she then deleted the email to destroy the evidence. It’s an open and closed case.

She testified under oath to Congress that she never sent or received classified information and that she handed over all work-related emails. These two emails alone prove that her statements were false and giving false statements under oath is a crime.

I understand why Trump wants to move away from the issue, especially to avoid prompting Obama to pardon Hillary. But the fact that there is pressure on Congress to abandon the investigation is unacceptable!

I don’t want to throw Clinton in jail. I want a jury of her peers to be presented with the evidence and be given the opportunity to decide whether an indictment is necessary. The only way that happens is if YOU demand it!

The State Dept just released new damaging Hillary Clinton emails proving she lied under oath to Congress! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they hold her in Contempt!


Joe Otto

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