Fellow Conservative,

Every day, I wake up feeling disgusted knowing that Barack H. Obama is President of the United States. I am ashamed that our country allowed this to happen.

We receive emails on a daily basis calling us racists for opposing Obama. The President’s race and skin color has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. Here’s an example of why we oppose this man’s Presidency:

This past August, Obama signed the Veterans Choice Program into law, allowing military veterans to seek medical assistance outside the VA instead of waiting on endless lines. It set aside $10 Billion to pay for veterans’ medical care outside the VA.

We praised the President and Congress for getting the ball rolling and fixing at least some of the problems plaguing the VA for years.

Well, yesterday Obama sent his proposed budget to Congress for consideration. And guess what… he wants to DEFUND this important program!

This is urgent! Tell Congress to STOP Obama from defunding veteran healthcare programs before it is too late!

As I said, this legislation was signed into law last August. It passed through the GOP-held House of Representatives and then the Democrat-controlled Senate. This was bipartisan legislation the American people DEMANDED.

And now, Obama wants to let the Department of Veterans Affairs to raid this $10 billion fund and allocate this money towards programs that only seem to fail our vets!

I will confess that in the past, I have held off from placing the blame where it was due. I have been desperately trying to convince myself that Obama’s policies were the result of his weakness or stupidity. I think that many of his decisions still are. I didn’t want to believe that the President of the United States was doing these things on purpose.

But this is undeniable. For the President to submit a budget that dismantles an entire program for serving veterans is unacceptable. That wasn’t an accident… Obama and his staffers deliberately chose to dismantle this crucial aid program.

When I find out about treachery like this, it immediately gives me pause. I understand that this makes it easy to become discouraged. All in all, we sent close to 100,000 faxes to Congress demanding that they alleviate the fatal wait times at VA hospitals. And it worked. We helped get legislation signed into law.


But now, just 6 months after this law was passed, the President wants to cannibalize it to fund other failing VA policies. He touted this program as a success in August but now apparently it is too successful for his liking.

If anything, this is just more proof of how Barack H. Obama doesn’t care about our veterans. How else do you explain the President signing this into law and then wanting to defund it a few months later?

You need to get loud. This is important.

We fought so hard to reform the VA and get our veterans the medical care they deserve outside the VA hospital system. Now, Obama wants to throw these veterans back into a failed system so they can die while waiting months to be seen by a doctor!

You need to do two things:

1)   Tell your Congressman and Senators that they CANNOT allow these cuts to be passed!

2)   Share this article with at least 2 of your friends who care about veterans’ rights!

There is a reason that this budget cut was buried in among thousands of pages of other budget documents. The Obama administration doesn’t want you to know what they’re planning.

The President made a veto threat yesterday, promising to veto any budget with spending cuts. Meanwhile, he’s trying to secretly defund a veterans program that is literally saving lives.

It’s just so shameful.

These veterans served their country and defended all of us when they were called to duty.

Now, it’s time for you to rise up and defend them against an administration that obviously doesn’t care about their wellbeing!

This is urgent! Tell Congress to STOP Obama from defunding veteran healthcare programs before it is too late!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily