Fellow Conservative,

This week, the Supreme Court dealt a major blow to Barack Obama and the globalists’ climate agenda.

As you remember, Barack Obama signed the new international climate pact without going through Congress. He could have put the treaty through the Senate and sought bipartisan support. Instead, he has chosen to rule by executive order -- sound familiar? The President’s first step was to cut back on emissions through new EPA regulations.

This first aspect of his climate agenda has been brought before the Court and the Justices have BLOCKED the administration from enforcing these horrible regulations!

But not so fast! Even though the court has blocked his radical climate program, President Obama has vowed to move forward with implementing the UN’s radical agenda!

When has a pesky Supreme Court ruling or the Constitution ever stopped Obama? Force Congress to dismantle Obama’s climate agenda before he is able to implement the UN treaty any further!

It’s absolutely despicable. We all want a clean environment. We all want clean air and clean water. We all want to leave this country better for our children than how we inherited it.

But that is not what this is about. This was not the product of bipartisanship. This was a regulation that the President tried to ram down our throats to put entire industries out of business, all to meet obligations in a treaty he wasn’t even constitutionally allowed to sign!

This is the culmination of 7 years of radical climate policy. We’ve seen Obama bastardize the Clean Water Act to claim authority to regulate puddles. Now, the government is trying to put entire industries out of business.

Even with the Supreme Court’s temporary relief, coal companies are choosing bankruptcy over moving forward in this uncertain regulatory environment.

As I said, this is a temporary block. And the Obama administration has promised to go around the block. This president won’t stop until he completely implements the globalists’ climate agenda.

When this tyrant was negotiating the climate change treaty in Paris last year, I asked for your help. Together, we bombarded Congress with TWO MILLION faxes demanding that they stop this treaty. We sent a clear message that the American people opposed the treaty and in return, Congress sent a clear message to the President that the treaty was dead on arrival.

Without Congress’ support, Obama was forced to implement the treaty through executive order and now the courts are starting to pick it apart.

But this is when he is most dangerous!

Send your FaxBlasts now! I am calling on you once again to get loud and DEMAND that Congress roll back this President’s unconstitutional environmental regulations before it’s too late!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily