Fellow Conservartive,

Yesterday, Barack Obama held a joint press conference with French President François Hollande. Even though our oldest ally had just been attacked, Obama somehow managed to make the press conference all about him.

One promise he made – even though no one asked him to – was to move forward with his unconstitutional climate treaty. The President claimed that the climate treaty, set to take place in Paris, would be a “powerful rebuke” to the terrorists.

Not only that, but instead of him sending his associates to illegally sign the treaty without Congressional ratification, Obama is going to go himself. He is so arrogant that he himself will be the one to surrender our sovereignty to the UN!

He is deliberately and unconstitutionally surrendering the United States' sovereignty. That is treason!

Don’t let Obama use your tax dollars to finance his leftist climate agenda! Force Congress to defund his plans and stop the President from using $3 billion to launch the treaty!

It’s really simple. The Constitution requires that any treaty be ratified by the Senate before it becomes the law of the land. That requires two-thirds support (67 votes).

Obama knows that he doesn’t have the votes to pass anything in his agenda. So, instead of obeying the Constitution and accepting defeat, the President is once again going to use an executive order to jam his agenda down our throats.

Except this time, it’s even worse. He is going to commit us all to the United Nations’ new climate program.

You remember what happened when he failed to get the Senate on board with the UN gun control treaty, right? He had John Kerry sign it anyway and then used your taxdollars to help the UN implement the treaty. All without Congressional approval.

Then there was the Iran Nuclear Deal, which by all means should have been treated as a treaty. Even though Obama didn’t have the 67 votes in the Senate, he reclassified the treaty as an “agreement” and implemented it without Congress.

Obama knows he is a lame-duck. He knows that his liberal agenda is toast in Congress. So, he is sidestepping the Constitution and using the UN to do his dirty work!

The first teams leave for the Paris climate conference just after Thanksgiving. That means we still have time to defund this and put a stop to Obama’s treasonous plan!

Republican Senator Shelly Moore Capito of West Virginia, the Chair of the Senate Environmental Panel on International Climate Negotiations, has promised that when Obama will arrive in Paris penniless. That’s because the President intends to pay $3 Billion into the conference in order to fund it. Without this money, Obama’s whole plan falls apart.

This is where you come in. As soon as the plates are washed after Thanksgiving, White House officials will hop on a plane to Paris. They will likely be bringing the money with them.

That gives us a very short window to get this horrible agenda halted.

But I’m going to need your help! I need you to raise your voice and DEMAND that Congress defund Obama’s radical international climate agenda!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily