Fellow Conservative,

By now, you know that a middle-aged man killed three people and wounded nine in and around a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs yesterday. That is the extent of what is known. We don’t know how he bought his firearm or what his motivations were.

Initial reports suggested that he was firing his rifle at passing cars, so Planned Parenthood perhaps wasn’t his main target.

This hasn’t stopped anti-gun activists from using this tragedy to once again go after YOUR 2nd Amendment rights.

Planned Parenthood executives have blamed the attack on the House’s investigation into their highly-profitable organ harvesting side business. Liberals have used the tragedy to somehow argue that because the shooter was white, more Syrian refugees should be let into the country.

And finally, Barack Obama has promised that this will be the final shooting before he implements his final gun control executive orders.

"This is not normal," Obama declared, "We can’t let it become normal. Enough is enough.” Not only that, but he blamed YOU for opposing his gun control proposals and standing in the way of "common sense" reforms.

"We have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war," he concluded.

Already, we are receiving word that the timetable for Obama’s gun control has been accelerated. They are now working harder and faster than ever to violate your God given right. You cannot allow this to happen!

No more gun control! Force Congress to stop Obama's next gun control executive order!

Obama’s forthcoming executive order would require all gun owners to effectively register their firearms with the Federal government. That is what universal background checks are: backdoors into a federal gun registry.

History has shown that confiscation always follows registration.

That is the end-game. The complete disarmament of American society.

With all of the threats we face – from terrorists and criminals – the American people simply cannot afford to disarm.

But these gun grabbers would never have to live with the effects of their actions. They will still have their armed bodyguards to protect them.

You will be the one left defenseless.

What happened yesterday in Colorado Springs was horrible. Anytime that innocent life is taken is a tragedy.

But that tragedy CANNOT be used as the launching point to take away our rights!

Don't let Obama destroy the 2nd Amendment! Demand that Congress intervene and STOP his newest gun control plot!

This is happening. You can’t just cover your ears and pretend anymore. The fight has arrived at your doorstep.

The only question is what you are going to do about it.

Are you going to quietly accept this and hand over your guns?

Or are you going to stand and fight?

You have answered the call before to defend the 2nd Amendment. That is why I am reaching out to you now.

Please, answer the bell once more and DEMAND that Congress put a stop to Obama’s unconstitutional gun control push!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily