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By now you know the story of Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, the Green Beret and two-time Bronze Star recipient who is being kicked out of the army for shoving a confessed Afghan child rapist.

Now, the Pentagon is weighing in on this. One of the reasons that this American hero is being discharged is for “imposing” himself and “not tolerating Afghan customs.”

Previously, we held back on fully describing what happened to this young boy. It seemed just too horrible to put into words. But maybe describing what happened will put into perspective just how ridiculous the Pentagon’s witch hunt is.

Just so we’re on the same page, the “custom” Martland is accused of “not tolerating” is the local police chief’s decision to kidnap a 12-year-old boy, chain him to a bed, and rape him for a whole week. Then, when the mother complained, the police chief savagely beat her.

Put yourself in Sgt. Martland’s shoes. Imagine that a beaten and bruised mother came to you and asked you to stop the local police officer from kidnapping and raping her son. Then imagine that when you confronted the accused rapist, he admitted everything and dared you to do something about it, laughing in your face. 

When Martland confronted the police officer, he confessed to everything. Well, confessed is probably the wrong word. He bragged about it and dared Martland to do something.

In all honesty, I would probably lose my composure as well. There is no doubt that what Sgt. Martland did was wrong. He shouldn’t have shoved the confessed rapist and he admits that. But do you know what else is horrible and wrong? Kicking this 11-year veteran out of the Army because of it!

Don’t let the Pentagon kick out this American hero! Demand that Congress rise up and put a stop to this terrible witch hunt!

We have been leading the fight to get the Pentagon to end its witch hunt against this hero. We covered this story right before Fox News did and before Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) joined the fight.

But the Pentagon’s response is just chilling. They want US soldiers to respect all Afghan customs, even the illegal ones. Just in case you forgot, we’re talking about an Afghan police chief kidnapping a small child, chaining him to a bed, and raping him nonstop for more than a week. This is illegal even in Afghanistan...

I’m sorry, but I still refuse to see why Charles Martland should be kicked out of the Army for standing up to this monster.

Some readers have commented that the Green Beret had no right to assume the roles of judge, jury, and executioner and that is why he should be kicked out of the military. Really? He didn’t execute the police chief. He shoved him and knocked him over. And the police chief confessed to the crime and laughed it off.

We train our military men and women to defend the innocent. Martland didn’t seek out trouble. A local mother came to him beaten and bruised and begged him to intervene to stop the local police chief from raping her son. And when he confronted the rapist, he lost his temper.

Does he deserve to be reprimanded? Absolutely. He already has been. But the fact that Obama’s Pentagon is kicking him out of the Armed Forces is just shameful!

Make no mistake, this is part of a larger effort to shrink and gut our military. Every week, we hear of another American hero being forced out of the military because of some technicality. The best of the best are being forced out and that is unacceptable.

But what is absolutely shameful is that the Obama administration has chosen to take the side of a brutal child rapist over a Green Beret and Bronze Star recipient...

More Congressmen and Senators are joining the fight, but it's not enough. We need to make a major push NOW before the Pentagon finalizes this American hero's discharge papers!

That stops today! Tell Congress to intervene and STOP Obama’s witch hunt against Sgt. Charles Martland!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily