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Here at Conservative Daily, we like to make sure that common sense prevails. We don’t believe in blind party loyalty. If something stinks on the Republican side, we will be the first to say it. The same goes for the Democrats.

So why is the Obama administration QUADRUPLING the number of Syrian refugees that are allowed to come to the United States?

Lawmakers are describing this new policy change as a “huge mistake.”

Listen, I understand that we have a long history of helping people displaced by war and famine. And I think that is definitely a noble pursuit.

But to quadruple the number of Syrian refugees coming into the country is dangerous, especially after the Obama administration relaxed the rules last year to allow terrorist supporters to qualify for visas.

Yes, you read that correctly. This refugee expansion comes a year after the Obama administration changed the rules to allow known terrorist supporters to qualify for refugee status.

That adjustment came as a regulatory change initiated by both the State Department and Homeland Security.

Larry Bartlett, the State Department’s director of Refugee Admission for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, has promised that the process of admitting Syrian refugees will be intensive.

But it doesn’t matter… The White House has already changed the rules to allow known terrorist supporters and sympathizers to come here legally. So even if these “intensive” investigations reveal that a refugee is really a terrorist supporter, chances are that they’ll be let in anyway!

Demand that Congress make sure NOT ONE terrorist is allowed entry into the United States!

I wish that we were able to help those displaced by war more. But we need to make sure that our philanthropy is not used by our enemies to gain entry into the country.

Remember: every 9/11 hijacker was in the United States legally. They came here through the proper channels.

After we were attacked, Congress amended the law to make sure that terrorists were never allowed to get a visa. Then, Obama gutted the law.

Last year’s executive action allows for people to come to the United States even if there is evidence that they provided “limited material support” to a terrorist organization.

Here’s a pretty important statistic: 100% of terrorist attacks against Americans were committed by people who, at some point in time, started out by providing “limited material support” to terrorists!

What is Obama thinking? Sure, the President promised to go through the immigration code “line by line” and do everything in his power to fix our immigration system… but after all that searching, he arrived at the conclusion that the United States needs more terrorist sympathizers?!

I don’t need to tell you how dangerous this is. The fact is that if immigration officials discover that a “refugee” provided material support for terrorism, they have no choice but to approve them for entry into the country under the White House’s orders.

Remember how ISIS promised that they would attack the American homeland? Well, I am terrified that the Obama administration’s political correctness is going to accelerate the terrorists’ timetable.

The extremists behind the French terrorist attacks immigrated to France legally. Under this expanded refugee program, the Obama administration is leaving America vulnerable to attack.

We cannot allow the refugee process to become a backdoor for terrorists and extremists to enter the country.

Force Congress to STOP Obama from allowing terrorists to enter the United States as refugees!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily