Dear Conservative,

Exactly two years ago, we experienced one of the worst cover-ups in recent memory: the administration pushed the ridiculous narrative that the Benghazi terror attacks were caused by a low-budget YouTube video and were somehow our fault.

This was a message that was repeated for days and weeks following the attacks, even though the intelligence proved that the attack was pre-planned.

Even worse than that, however, was the fact that everyone within government was lying to convince the American people that Barack Obama did everything he could to help Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods.

We know for a FACT that the Obama administration didn’t do everything it could to help save these men. We now know for a FACT that “stand down” orders were given to the rescue team and these four men died as a result!

Honor these four men! Demand that Congress arrest everyone involved in the Benghazi cover-up!

Two years after that horrific terrorist attack, we are left with more questions than answers.

Where was Obama on the night of the attacks? Who told the CIA Station Chief in Benghazi to force the rescue team to “stand down?” Why was a stand down order given?

These four men paid the ultimate sacrifice: dying for their country. But Ambassador Stevens and these three other men never should have died. The CIA’s Security Annex Team would have been able to save Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, and the rest of the staff but they were ordered to stand down… they were ordered to sit on their hands and wait for half an hour…

Eventually, the rescue team just defied their orders and launched their mission anyway. If they hadn’t, who knows how much worse the attack would have been…

The point is that the entire administration has been claiming for years that a “stand down” order was never given. Literally everyone within the administration had bought into perpetuating the narrative that Barack Obama is tough on terrorism and that the government did everything it could to save these men…

The Select Committee on Benghazi is having its first public hearing this week. This is the chance to get to the bottom of the scandal and cover-up once and for all and to finally see some Obama administration officials put in handcuffs!

The Democrats and Obama administration bureaucrats are already mudslinging, trying to convince the American people that the Benghazi committee is a joke… But the only ‘joke’ is that President Obama really believes he can get away with letting these four Americans die!

Democrats are doing everything they can to perpetuate the lie that President Obama and his administration did everything they could on that fateful night… They are doing everything they can to shutdown the Congressional investigation…

They MUST be stopped! You MUST stop them!

The only way to get to the truth is through Congress and We the People must force them to get to the bottom of this scandal once and for all! The time for talking is over. It is time to put some administration officials in handcuffs!

Only you can DEMAND that Congress arrest everyone involved in the Benghazi cover-up!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily