Fellow Conservative,

For months, we have been leading the charge against the EPA’s new restrictive regulations.

There’s nothing really all that sexy about EPA regulations. They’ll never be the number one issue on voters’ minds. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t destroying the fabric of this nation.

We all love clean air and water and want a clean environment for future generation. But what the EPA has done is dangerous, illegal, and unconstitutional!

Decades ago, Congress passed a piece of legislation known as the Clean Water Act. This legislation gave the Environmental Protection Agency the authority to regulate pollution in “navigable waterways.”

If the waterway is deep enough to be traveled by boat, then the law says it falls under the EPA’s purview.

Well, that wasn’t enough for Barack Obama. It wasn’t enough to just regulate rivers and lakes and bays. The administration wants the right to regulate any piece of land that touches water.

So, the EPA rewrote the law (unconstitutional) and changed the definition of “navigable waterways” to include streams, creeks, retention ponds, and even puddles.

That’s right. Under this new regulation, if you’re changing your oil in the yard and “pollute” a puddle in your driveway, these new regulations put you into the same category as industrial companies that dump waste into rivers!

There was a vote yesterday to overturn this regulation and revert the law back to what Congress originally intended. Surprise, surprise… Democrats voted to block it. They voted to allow the President to rewrite a piece of legislation.

All it takes is for Congress to use a parliamentary maneuver known as “conferencing” and the bill would be passed. But the GOP isn’t doing that. They are content with letting Harry Reid and the Democrats block everything.

No more!

The EPA’s regulatory land grab must be stopped! Demand that Congress prevent the EPA from expanding its regulations!

By removing the word “navigable” from the law, the Obama administration is giving itself the authority to regulate literally every piece of wet land in the country. And Democrats just shielded the administration.

Farmers and Ranchers are already being fined for digging holes to build ponds on their property.

Developers are losing their property rights after the EPA ‘discovers’ ancient riverbeds running through their land.

It’s just madness.

The Federal Water Quality Protection Act is simple. It clarifies that no, Congress never gave the EPA a blank check to regulate water in the United States.

Congress can put a stop to this right now. They can use parliamentary maneuvers to override the Democrat filibuster. But they lack the will to act. The spineless GOP are more than willing to pretend to do something and then just sit on their hands.

As a citizen, it is up to you to force them to act. Literally, it is up to you to get loud and say that falling short by 3 votes is unacceptable.

I understand that EPA regulations aren’t exciting. Quite honestly, I wish that we didn’t have to read every single regulatory announcement, but we do. And if Obama can get away with rewriting one law, then he’ll try to rewrite even more laws.

No. Not one step forward.

It’s time to draw our line in the sand and force Congress to put a stop this once and for all.

The EPA’s regulatory land grab must be stopped! Demand that Congress prevent the EPA from expanding its regulations!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily