Fellow Conservative,

You will not believe what the President just did. Barack H. Obama just vetoed the yearly military spending bill, the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This legislation funds everything related to the military, including our soldiers’ paychecks.

The reason for the veto? Obama doesn’t like that Congress kept the 2010/11 spending cuts in the bill. What the President neglects to mention is that these across the board spending cuts were his idea. Regardless, without the Republicans’ spending cuts, Obama would be able to spend like a drunken sailor. The last thing the GOP wants to do is give the Obama administration $612 Billion without concrete limits and caps.

But with all of the chaos going on in the Middle East, Congress made one exception to the spending limits and added $38 Billion to a ‘war fund.’ You know, just in case the United States has to go to war the funds will already be there.

Apparently, funding the national defense was the last straw for President Obama. He is arguing that if the military gets more money, the spending cap should be lifted for the administration’s domestic spending programs, like Planned Parenthood.

So, with the stroke of a pen, Barack Obama vetoed the 2016 NDAA. It’s either Obama’s way or the highway, even if that means cutting off pay for the military and their families.

Isn’t this shameful? Luckily, Congress is moving to override the veto. The legislation was bipartisan. It has plenty of Democrats on board as well. Now we just need to convince them to override Obama’s veto!

Don’t delay! Tell Congress they MUST override the veto and fund our military!

We’ve all been through civics class. Congress writes the laws and the President has the option of either signing it into law, vetoing it, or simply doing nothing.

If the President vetoes a bill with clear bipartisan support (as is the case now), then Congress has the option of attempting to override the veto. It takes a 2/3 vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate to override a Presidential veto.

The vote is likely going to be very close in both the House and the Senate. Even though many Democrats originally voted in favor of the legislation, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have promised to protect the President from the embarrassment of having his veto overridden.

Isn’t that despicable? That’s what the Democrat Party has become. They are more interesting in protecting Barack Obama’s legacy than ensuring that a soldier’s wife and kids have enough money to put food on their table.

To add onto this, while the President is refusing to sign off on $612 Billion for our military, he is more than happy to return over $100 Billion to Iran, the leading state-sponsor of terrorism. Puts it into perspective, doesn’t it?

There are plenty of common-sense amendments to the NDAA that are now in jeopardy of not passing. Not only did Congress ease the limitations on soldiers carrying weapons on military bases but they also passed a provision that will allow qualified citizens to purchase WWII pistols from the Army.

This bill is chock full of conservative amendments that we cannot afford to lose. We firmly believe that the votes are there to override Obama’s veto. But you can bet that Reid and Pelosi are busy trying to convince Democrats to switch their votes to protect the President.

We cannot allow this President to hold the military, and our soldiers’ families, hostage like this!

It is up to you to get this bill passed and that means you need to get loud and you need to get loud NOW!

Don’t let Obama defund our military like this! Demand that Congress override the President’s veto immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily