The Police State is Not Coming - It is Here!

Dear Freedom Lover,

Are you getting increasingly concerned about the number of civil liberties being out-right STAMPED upon by this overgrown government?  Liberty advocates fear the worst is already here. How many times have you heard people saying things like, “I don’t mind the government knowing who I call on my phone because they are keeping us safe.”

The raid on our rights ratcheted up in 2012 with a little known provision hidden away in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. This provision allows the military to detain without a trial, any American citizen, accused of being a terrorist, or of supporting terrorists who plot attacks against the United States. The ACLU called the proposal “an extreme position that will forever change our country.”

This illegal and unconstitutional detention provision is just one of many new policing and law enforcement programs that have civil liberty advocates warned and alarmed. And the government is doing this increased police state at the same time they are criticizing your right to own guns! The government is even trying to make self-defense a crime again!

All these external threats, along with the technological advancements, the IRS, DEA, NSA, Obamacare…and more, are all imposing new levels of government infiltration into our privacy and increasing control of our lives!

These issues are big and the time is short.


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The Fourth Amendment reads:

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

This is a very specific Constitutional edict. No law can replace it, add to it, nor take away from it. Yet, progressive tactics are dividing “The Haves and The Haves” and slowly boiling our freedoms away. We already know your Fourth Amendment rights are being confiscated by our government and by police departments acting like federal militia!  And President Obama has enabled and strengthened local police to aid HIS own federal police force to create what is already feeling and looking like The Police State of America.

Please let Congress know that enough is enough.

Free Americans will no longer tolerate the police invading our privacy

IT IS Guaranteed under the Fourth Amendment!


Tyranny is here!

Funny how sales of George Orwell’s famous book “1984” have spiked 6,000 percent in recent years. The grim future we read in 1984 has now become our reality. 

How bad is it?


Indefinite Military Detentions of U.S. Citizens

According to supporters, the provision was part of the bill that authorized the Pentagon spending for 2012, “America is part of the battlefield” in the so-called war on terror, as Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire described it.  

Americans are fair game when it comes to finding and arresting terrorists.

Targeting U.S. Citizens for a Kill Order

This administration is the first to legalize killing of American citizens without a trial, without a court, or justice. Remember the radical Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen that was killed in an American missile strike? This is such a blatant violation of the 5th Amendment and it seals the coffin on American citizens without due process of law.” According to the Associated Press,

The CIA counsel basically said American citizens are legitimate targets for killing if they take up arms against the United States.

Drones spying on American soil and upon We, THE PEOPLE

Police officials are encouraging the effectiveness of drones in police actions, like finding missing people, hunting fugitives, monitoring protests or checking for EPA regulation violations on farmers.

What else?

These drones can monitor large urban areas and add business intelligence and they can do things like, “seek out and record certain types of suspicious behavior.” What does suspicious behavior mean? They can use this tool on the American people! Are the drones armed? Do they have weapons? Tasers? Water or bean bags?

These drones might belong in the battlefield - BUT THEY DO NOT BELONG ON AMERICAN SOIL!

The HUB and The EYE in the SKY

All our personal and deeply private information is being collected and is converging in the new Utah data center where the NSA is integrating all the data on the American people, perhaps to help implement the enforcing agency for Obamacare!

The President said the IRS assault on conservative groups stopped in May of 2012 but we know now that isn’t true. In fact, spying and collecting personal and private information seems to be the goal of this administration and President Obama.

On top of all the IRS revelations and scandal, this week Reuters reported that an IRS manual actually instructs investigators on how to alter an investigative trail. It articulates how to cover up how investigations begin. It starts with all of data collected on Americans and shared across agencies like the FBI, DEA, NSA and CIA.

Unconstitutional spy agencies can just make up a charge and start an investigation. The purpose and how they received the information, is made up, and is not revealed to you. The government can and actually does "recreate" a case to convict you! Believe me – It can happen: This is why an "FBI Agent" can come to my door with accusations about me taking pictures of oil refineries in Texas on August 4 while driving a black Chevy Lumina. While I never have driven a black Chevy, was not in Texas on August 4, and wasn’t taking pictures, it made no difference. The government has evidence and I would have to prove my innocence rather than being innocent until proven guilty.


Witnesses Can Be Arrested for Recording Police

Many legitimate journalists, more than 30, were arrested while working and covering the Occupy protests around the county. It didn’t matter that they had their credentials and showed them respectfully. This kind of media censorship represents a trend we see in law enforcement. Twelve states have already adopted “eavesdropping” laws forbidding people from videotaping police without the officers’ consent. In California, police officials openly state they will arrest people taking photographs if those people look suspicious!

GPS TRACKS Your Every Move

Police across the country use GPS devices to track thousands of criminal suspects every year. THIS VIOLATES the Fourth Amendment prohibition against “unreasonable searches and seizures.” Technology has come so far, in such a short time, and the power to track a U.S. citizens’ every move will only become more intrusive and dangerous to our freedoms. 

This erosion is being done by both Democrats and Republicans! Don’t be fooled.

Please let Congress know that “enough is enough.”  Free Americans will no longer tolerate the police invading our privacy that is guaranteed under the Fourth Amendment!

Respected former Judge Andrew Napolitano charges: “How is it that the government can charge Edward Snowden with espionage for telling a journalist that the feds have been spying on all Americans and many of our allies, but the NSA itself, in a public relations campaign intended to win support for its lawlessness, can reveal secrets and do so with impunity?  That question goes to the heart of the rule of law in a free society.”

By now this must start to sound like a Soviet-style police state!


The New York Times recently reported that the TSA now operates outside of airports! The agency wears bulletproof vests and are lethally armed to patrol sporting events, music festivals and other large gatherings. According the Times, these VIPR teams, as they are called, believe they are “exempt from probable cause” when searching patrons of these events!

FAX every U.S. Congressman right NOW to let them know YOU oppose this constitutional infringement! Tell them that Americans will no longer tolerate the police invading our privacy that is guaranteed under the Fourth Amendment!

The UPI reported that on July 28, 2013 – A 95-year-old Illinois man died after police shot him with a stun gun and bean bag rounds. Identified as John Warna, this 95-year-old man, in a nursing home, holding a cane and shoe horn was somehow a threat to the officers! The police was called to an assisted living home in the village of Park Forest. A private ambulance company was attempting to transfer him to a hospital for medical treatment when Mr. Warna picked up his cane and a shoe horn and became combative. The Police said that Warna “was threatening the facility’s staff and paramedics with a metal cane and a shoehorn when officers arrived.” So the police shot 50,000 volts into the 95-year-old man. It appears in the report that the officers were justifying their violent and aggressive behavior by claiming he was wielding a “12 inch knife.” A cane and a shoe horn.

This man could have been your father or grandfather; totally innocent, not sure of what is going on and suddenly he’s attacked by a police officer and dies.

And, the POWER CLASS is only getting its foothold

In addition to the reported millions of unnecessary ammo rounds distributed to federal agencies, the federal government is committed to the militarization of the police.  It is much more widespread than previously thought, especially in small towns.

It goes much further...

In 1997, Congress added to a defense appropriations bill and created an agency to handover surplus military gear to state and local police departments. Since then, millions of pieces of equipment designed for use on a battlefield have been given to police agencies for use on rural American streets, against American citizens. And, it’s lethal equipment such as tanks, bayonets, M-16s and armored personnel carriers! What in the world is going on here?

Why are rural areas getting military equipment they don’t need? Or, do they? What do they know that we don’t know? I don’t know!

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Under Obama, this program has grown. “From Warfighter to Crimefighter”

President Obama resurrected COPS (The Community Oriented Policing Services). 

What is Community Policing?

At the root of community policing is the intent to “develop and implement strategies and processes that are fair, inspire public confidence, contribute to mutual trust and respect between police and citizens, and solve community problems.” It’s the idea where police integrate into the community, live-in and become proactive members in the community. They start mentoring kids and attending the local church.

This IS NOT the definition of community policing held by many police officials. In the late 1990s, criminologist Peter Kraska found many police chiefs consider frequent SWAT raids and similarly aggressive policing to be a core part of a community policing strategy. In fact, some said they considered sending SWAT teams to patrol entire neighborhoods to be sound community policing.

President Obama and his administration invested in community policing heavily saying the use of “Problem-solving techniques will prevent and respond to crime, prevent SOCIAL DISORDER and FEAR OF CRIME”! The Madison Capital Times police agencies receiving COPS grants in during the 1990’s had indeed used them to start SWAT teams.

Keep in mind that COPS received a one-time shot in the arm of $1 billion from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Better known as the Stimulus, it should be called what it is - TAX PAYER REDRISTIBUTION!

"Community policing initiatives and stockpiling weapons

and grenade launchers are totally incompatible.”

DHS Provides Anti-Terror Grants to “secure” our Police State! 

The Department of Homeland Security has been giving out its own grants to police agencies. These grants are used to purchase military-grade equipment in the name of fighting terrorism. Once a city has a new armored personnel carrier, or new high-powered weapons, these police agencies mostly put them to use in more routine police work, usually drug raids.  This is happening in towns all over America, including unlikely terrorist targets like Fargo, N.D.; Fond du Lac, Wis.; and Canyon County, Idaho.

The grants have also given rise to contractors that now cater to police agencies looking to cash DHS checks in exchange for battle-grade gear. This created an industry -- a lobbying interest – and it is dedicated to perpetuating police militarization.

In 2011, an armed team of federal agents raided the floor of the Gibson guitar factory in Nashville, Tenn. The raid made national headlines and picked up traction in the Tea Party movement, largely because it had been conducted to enforce the Lacey Act, an obscure environmental law.

A SWAT team from the Department of Education conducted a morning raid of what they thought was the home of a woman who was suspected of defrauding federal student loan programs. Is this the sort of crime usually associated with a SWAT action?  Oh, and they also got the wrong house -- the suspect had moved out months earlier.

Our Fourth Amendment is VIOLATED; We must take action immediately.  If we wait until the next presidential election, it may be too late to prevent a “permanent” POLICE STATE.  Your fax to Congress is urgently needed!

Please let Congress Know that VIOLATION of our Fourth Amendment and creating a “Police State” is un-Constitutional and ILLEGAL!!

Please let your Congress know of your passion for freedom and privacy!


Tony Adkins


P. S.  Now police have been issued license plate scanners. They can automatically scan license plates.  Probable cause? “They don’t need no stinking probable cause!

For once we agree with the ACLU when they say: “This is a way to track all Americans all the time, regardless of whether they’re accused of any wrongdoing.”