Dear Friends,

What are we doing? I mean it, what ARE we doing? I wanted our team to send out another email about another catastrophic train wreck perpetuated on the people by the elite clowns in Congress, but I stopped for a minute and just had to ask a simple question… When will it change?

We are three weeks into a new GOP controlled congress. Three weeks! They keep telling us to be patient. How the hell can we be patient when they made the promises to turn the clock back and fight for the people and all they do is…. nothing? It is like the movie Groundhog Day. We keep seeing the same thing happen day after day after day. With the nearly daily inserted distractions, being the only thing that gives us pause of change.

If I can take a minute and replay some of those promises. They promised collectively to roll back Obamacare, yet they have done nothing. It is something the people seemed to have given up on changing. We do not even talk about it anymore. Every day however, I hear more and more stories of premiums doubling and families going bankrupt over the high deductibles and diminished coverage. I have one really big question for all of you. Why the hell does Congress not have to use the exchanges? Why do they and government employees get cadillac plans while the rest of us pay for substandard coverage? I can tell you why. Because we have become the mules and slaves for them. It is no longer for the people by the people.  The new America seems to be, “For the government, paid for by the people”.  We have become sharecroppers and slaves. And yet we have hope.

I know many of you would say, “but we control congress, be patient”.  No. I do not want to be patient. I want our leadership to stop stuffing their faces and filling their bank accounts at the expense of the people. They make it look like they are doing something only to point in the direction of yet another unfortunate event, while they quietly go back to business as usual.

Enough is enough! Tell Congress that if they don't honor their promises, they'ree DONE!

The IRS scandal, what happened? We proved Lerner was a puppet for the White House persecuting Americans, yet… nothing. No arrests, no firings. We get nothing.  Benghazi, again we prove they watched Americans die and covered it up with the excuse of a YouTube video, yet again, nothing. Eric Holder, covers up running guns to cartels, and nothing. Obama breaks the law, and oversteps his authority and they talk about it… but in the end, they do NOTHING. Eric Holder fails to uphold his office in holding anyone accountable, and yet Congress does… nothing. Even now, as there should be swift action… we get nothing.  I can go on and on. I can talk about illegals getting amnesty illegally, or Obama signing yet another illegal Executive Order limiting us as people or doing even more to take from you and I and giving it to someone who does not deserve it. Yet this new Congress does NOTHING! They want to compromise… they follow the lead of Obama telling us, they heard us loud and clear, but they heard nothing. I sit here disgusted and wondering, where have all the patriots gone? Where are our leaders and why are they bending to the will of the elite.. why are they such cowards?

Here though, is what we do get as people. Congress creates a bill that gives them yet another raise. You think I am kidding. I am not. Would not want them to miss the opportunity for them to stuff just one more taco into their mouths while they make yet even more empty promises. Here, we create opportunities for illegals and lazy people who want you and I to break our backs to support them. Do not get me wrong, we are compassionate people who give with our actions and our wallets. But we do so when we identify a need. What we have today is a cancer of epic proportion. It has infected our government, and infected our communities. It has paralyzed us all with astonishment. While our media is filled with village idiots like Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow, we allow the perpetually stupid to rule us. Make no mistake, there is little difference in what we experienced with being ruled by England before our revolt and what we face today. Have we not learned as a nation to not let the weak rule us? Have we not seen enough to put our foot down?

On August 28th 2010, there was a Glenn Beck rally. Hundreds of thousands descended on the capital. The fire was lit! The people were finally going to stand up! Beck had an opportunity to unite the people with the cause for the people. Do you all remember that? The government turned off the escalators, changed metro rail routes, and closed roads and routes to make it difficult for the people to attend. Yet many forged through to hear the plan. Do you want to know what happened? If you can remember, it left many of you astonished at the squandered opportunity and feeling betrayed. Glenn Beck stood on that stage, and said, we need to open up dialog and work together. He deflated many Americans and dimmed the light of hope as people left that rally pissed off that if this is the best we have, we have no hope.  Fast forward 4 and a half years later, and that defining moment has led to flashes of brilliance in an otherwise sea of disappointments. We have accomplished very little while the other side, have made gains in stealing from Americans and changing the landscape of our nation, right before our eyes. While we fail to unite, and work together for change.

This year should be the year of change. It is time to tell Congress to honor their campaign promises. It is time to stop settling for what they give us. It is time we stop letting them treat us like slaves. It is time. So send a message that we will not be patient. We want results. Not this political circus and continued rhetoric of “standing for the people”.

A month in and Congress has done NOTHING! Demand that they honor their promises or get out of the way!

God Bless you all. And the fight continues….

Joe Otto