Fellow Conservative,

For the past seven years, the Obama administration has been actively disarming American veterans of their firearms.

The trick has been to convince veterans to appoint a “designated payee,” or someone else who is able to deposit and withdraw funds on their behalf.

For many veterans, this was a Godsend. Another family member could take care of getting the bills paid on-time while they reintegrated into society. A veteran need not worry about paying their cable bill online, for example, while they’re in the middle of therapy.

We have all experienced a situation where a bill wouldn’t have been paid for unless a friend or family member reminded us and stepped up to help pay it. That’s just the way life is.

Being disabled from military service and having someone approved to help with finances is a lifesaver for many people.

But Obama is now rolling out his plan to disarm these American heroes.

The Veterans Administration and Social Security Administration are taking elderly and disabled Americans, showing up at their doorsteps, and relieving them of their firearms.

They say that these American heroes are too old or too disabled to have 2nd Amendment rights.

We cannot afford to let them get away with this!

Don’t let Obama strip veterans and elderly Americans of their gun rights! Demand that Congress stop this unconstitutional program before it’s too late!

Last week, there was story that perfectly illustrates why Obama’s disarmament plan is complete nonsense.

Eddie Frank Smith is 69 years old and a disabled Vietnam veteran. He is also wheelchair-bound.

By all definitions, this is the exact type of person who Obama believes shouldn’t be trusted with firearms. Obama believes he is too disabled to defend himself.

Well, last week, someone broke into Eddie Smith’s house. When the Vietnam vet went to investigate the noise, the home-intruder lunged at the man.

When this criminal lunged at the veteran in this wheel chair, he expected him to be an easy target. But Eddie Smith had his handgun and shot the intruder once in the chest.

If Obama’s anti-gun program goes into effect, veterans and elderly Americans will be disarmed and left completely vulnerable. All because they are disabled and need a little help with finances.

The President just released the final regulatory announcement of his Presidency. It includes his executive order to expand this horrible VA disarmament program to the Social Security Administration.

This is happening, whether we like it or not. The regulation has been announced. It is already being implemented.

Right now, letters are being drafted to heroes like Eddie Smith informing them that they are no longer fit to own firearms.

Many of them answered the call to take up arms for this country and now, when they’re most vulnerable, they’re being disarmed.

Please, I beg you, take the time and fight for these people. Many of them fought for you, and now they need your help!

If you are able, please FaxBlast Congress and demand they pass legislation to stop Obama’s elderly and veteran gun grab!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily