Fellow Conservative,

I started off yesterday's article by saying that I was losing trust in the Republican Party. After a deluge of responses on email and social media -- one guy told me to repent and seek out Jesus -- I wanted to clarify that statement.

There are plenty of good Congressmen and Senators in both parties. As my grandmother used to say, I was wrong to be so quick to “throw the baby out with the bath water.” The problem is not with the party regulars, but instead with the establishment leadership.

We learned yesterday that the Republican leadership had been secretly meeting with the Obama administration to discuss illegal alien amnesty. When I wrote that I didn't trust a single Republican in Congress, that was a gut reaction to what I was learning for the first time. The problem isn't the fact that these individuals sought compromise. That is essential to making our republic function.

The problem I have is that while these GOP figureheads were publicly promising to fight against amnesty, in private they were doing exactly the opposite. There is a lot that we need to fix as a country. Instead of rolling out the red carpet for illegal aliens, how about we start by helping AMERICANS?

Tomorrow is Veterans' Day, a day to honor all those who have served in America’s Armed Forces. It is a day to examine whether we are doing everything we possibly can to honor and assist those who still bear the mental and physical scars of their military service.

I’m just going to be blunt: the Obama administration and the United States Congress have failed our veterans.

Absolutely NOTHING has changed in the VA! Raise your voice and demand that Congress give our military veterans the help they actually need!

For far too long, veterans were dying because of incompetence and corruption within Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospitals. For far too long, their plight was ignored.

Hundreds of thousands of veterans have endured seemingly endless delays in receiving medical care. Many of these heroes died while waiting to see a doctor, all because bureaucrats and nurses in the VA wanted to cook the books to receive bonuses.

Very few veterans were actually able to receive medical care. But now, we’re learning that many of those who were able to see a doctor were actually treated with counterfeit medical equipment!

That’s right: The Department of Veterans Affairs has been using “unauthorized and potentially counterfeit, dangerous surgical devices and medical supplies” to treat veterans.

The VA was created to make sure that our military veterans received the care that they had earned through their service. These new revelations are absolutely unacceptable!

It has been more than 100 days since Bob McDonald, the new VA Secretary, has been on the job. Congress passed a bill to bring more accountability to the department, but in that time, only ONE VA official has been fired.

That is it… just one firing.

The fact is that we live in a world where whistleblowers are treated worse than the criminals they uncover. While just 1 VA employee has been fired, three VA whistleblowers have been forced to join a witness relocation-type program so they can start over without threats of reprisal.

Is this what justice is supposed to look like?

Absolutely NOTHING has changed in the VA! Raise your voice and demand that Congress give our military veterans the help they actually need!

Congress loves to claim victory for “doing something.” Congress sent a VA bill to the President’s desk in August, claiming that the problem had been fixed.

Let me put this as clear as I can: the VA is NOT fixed. Those responsible for killing our military veterans have not been prosecuted. They haven’t been fired. They haven’t even been suspended without pay!

Tomorrow is Veterans Day. This is an opportunity to put an end to this VA scandal once and for all. The first step has to be firing these criminals who were willing to let our veterans die!

It’s not enough to simply “do something.” Congress needs to fix this problem once and for all and remove all the bureaucratic red tape that is allowing these criminals to keep their jobs!

Our veterans deserve better than this and YOU have the power to make that happen! This isn’t a matter of Left vs. Right… This is about doing what is right!

On this Veterans Day, let’s send a message to Congress that simply “doing something” isn’t enough when it comes to our brave men and women in uniform. The only one who can demand real change is YOU, but Congress can’t hear you unless you raise your voice!

Absolutely NOTHING has changed in the VA! Raise your voice and demand that Congress give our military veterans the help they actually need!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily