Fellow Conservative,

They actually did it. In complete violation of the law and of a lawful court injunction, the Obama administration has been caught, once again, continuing to dole out amnesty to illegal aliens.

The Department of Homeland Security has just announced that it is continuing to violate Judge Andrew Hanen’s injunction by sending out more amnesty paperwork after they were ordered not to.

This is the pinnacle of lawlessness, folks. Under Obama, we don’t have checks and balances. We have one branch of government that believes it has power over all others.

The tally has now crossed 100,000 illegal aliens who have received amnesty in violation of the Judge’s injunction.

It has to stop and unfortunately, the votes aren’t there on the Supreme Court to stop it. With Justice Scalia’s passing, the votes aren’t there to rule against the Obama administration.

So we have an executive branch violating the law and when the courts try to stop the amnesty, they move forward with it anyway.

We’ve tried to be patient. We’ve tried to wait while Congress figures out what to do.

Well, the clock’s up!

No more spineless delays! Please, take the time to FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they defund Obama’s amnesty and remove all criminal bureaucrats responsible for this!

Enough is enough. Either we have a country or we don't anymore.

What President Obama is doing is beyond lawless. He violated the constitution by rewriting the law to give work permits to millions of people in the country illegally, and then when he got caught and ordered by a judge to stop, his administration processed over 100,000 amnesty applications.

Now that a judge has ordered them to retrieve these processed applications and stop the illegals from working in the United States and stealing jobs from Americans, the Obama administration once again refused.

And now we've learned that they're processing even more illegal alien amnesty documents in total violation of the law and a court order.

It's time to end this once and for all.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and former-Speaker John Boehner both promised to defund Obama's amnesty if the court fights failed. We just learned that the Obama administration violated a court order over 100,000 times and counting.

It is long past due for Congressional action.

Either they pull the rug out from under this unconstitutional and lawless President and everyone under him or we will remove them from office. Period!

This ends now! Send your FaxBlast today and FORCE Congress to defund Obama's illegal alien amnesty and remove all these criminal bureaucrats from office, up to and including the President himself!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily