I don't say this often, but my God... This is quite possibly the worst thing I have ever heard of.

A U.S. Marine has been arrested and charged with a host of felonies for shooting an armed home invader who busted down his door and then shot him in the hip.

Yes, you read that correctly. The local Fox affiliate in Detroit is reporting that Marine Joey Nelson was sitting at home with his family and friends when a man named Michael Wilson began banging on the front door and trying to force his way into the house.

Wilson cracked the Marine's door frame, trying to kick in the door, before Nelson intervened and told him to get off his property. At that point the angry home invader pulled out a gun and started firing. One of his rounds hit the Detroit-area Marine in the hip.

That is when Joey Nelson returned fire. With his friends and family -- including his 3-week old son -- in the home, Nelson had no choice but to use his gun to defend them.

Yet, when police arrived, they arrested the Marine instead. The police are throwing the book at him, charging him with every crime they can think of, including "assault with intent to murder." All for shooting at an armed home invader.

This hero defended his family from an armed home invader who started indiscriminately firing into his home, even shooting him in the hip. This is a travesty that he is being prosecuted.

We will always call attention to stories where American military men and women are mistreated, and this is no exception. Every time that we have faced something like this, you and other likeminded Conservatives have answered the call and forced Congress to act. I am asking you to answer that call one more time.

Take action now! Tell Congress to intervene and FREE this Marine jailed for protecting his family from a home invader!

This man served his country. He legally owned firearms and was forced to use one against a home invader who broke down his door and shot him in the hip.

And yet, the police have only charged the home invader with illegally carrying a firearm. Meanwhile, the hero is facing down multiple felonies and sitting behind bars with a massive bond that he can't afford to pay.

This man fought to defend our freedoms and now he is being charged for exercising his right to bear arms.

This is unacceptable.

I am a God-fearing man, but if someone breaks into my home with a gun and starts shooting at me and my infant son, he's leaving in a body bag. This Marine defended himself and his family and now he's the one being punished. We need to help him.

A few years back, we publicized a story of a Navy sailor who was about to lose custody of his child. He was stationed aboard a nuclear submarine, but a judge was about to take his kid away since he couldn't show up to hearing. We bombarded Congress with a quarter million FaxBlasts that day and do you know what? One Congressman picked up the phone and threatened hold the judge accountable if she didn't reverse her decision. And it worked!

I know that you have a lot going on in your life but please, join this fight to free this Marine. He answered the call to defend you. Please, answer this call and help protect him!

Take action now! Tell Congress to intervene and FREE this Marine jailed for protecting his family from a home invader!

Max McGuire

Advocacy to Action

Conservative Daily