Dear Conservative,

Congress has been on vacation for what seems like forever. The House and Senate go back in session tomorrow (Monday September 8th), but Harry Reid and his allies aren’t wasting any time attacking your constitutional rights!

Tomorrow, Harry Reid has scheduled a vote in the Senate on S.J. 19, a resolution that would destroy the First Amendment and give government the authority to police political speech!

In the House of Representatives, Democrats also have promised to do everything in their power to force a vote on the amendment as well, even if that means using a discharge petition to circumvent John Boehner!

Our constitutional right to free speech has never faced such a threat. For the first time in our 227-year history, a vote will be held on whether citizens can be trusted with the right to free political speech!

This isn’t a drill! Raise your voice tell Congress that you DEMAND that Harry Reid’s constitutional amendment be stopped!

This all started in 2010 when the Supreme Court issued its ruling in Citizens United v Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

The conservative non-profit group Citizens United produced a documentary on Hillary Clinton and scheduled to have it broadcast on television during the 2008 Democratic Primary.

The FEC slapped the organization down, ruling that paying to have a political documentary broadcast during an election season constituted an illegal political expenditure.

The case made its way all the way to the Supreme Court, which ruled 5-4 that the government couldn’t prohibit political speech entirely, especially not during an election season.

Since then, the Democrats have waged a war trying to undo the court ruling. This desire to prohibit conservative groups from participating in politics is what led to Lois Lerner’s targeting program.

Liberal bureaucrats within the IRS and FEC tried to create regulations to get around the Citizens United ruling, however all their attempts have been uncovered and ultimately failed. The Obama administration tried to defend other restrictions on political speech, but the Supreme Court slapped the White House down again. 

The Democrats aren’t giving up and neither can we!

If this amendment passes and is ratified, that would mean the end of our Republic as we know it! This would give the government unprecedented power to silence conservative individuals and organizations engaging in politics, censor political books and publications, and limit YOUR ability to donate money towards political causes you feel passionate about!

The Democrats’ hate that you are now able to contribute money towards political causes. They claim that this is ‘killing our democracy.’ But these liberals didn’t seem to care when labor unions had a monopoly on unrestricted contributions to political campaigns. That’s because labor unions tend to support Democrat candidates!

The NRA, National Right to Life, and thousands of other conservative organizations across the country would be put out of business if Harry Reid gets his way! Only liberal labor unions would be protected!

If this new constitutional amendment passes, and it is ultimately ratified, then that’s game over. If that happens then the United States as we know it is dead.

With all of the constitution’s enemies gathering, it is easy to become discouraged. But now is not the time to sit back and assume that the system we have in place will prevent Harry Reid and the Democrats from getting their way. Saying this is “no big deal” could be the last free words you speak!

Now is not the time to sit back and wait to see what happens… because by that time, it could be too late! Harry Reid and the Democrats won’t stop until the first amendment is but a shell of its former self!

I refuse to surrender! I refuse to just sit back and watch as Democrats and their allies conspire to alter the constitution and strip us of our most fundamental right!

A vote to change the constitution is imminent! Raise your voice tell Congress that you DEMAND that Harry Reid’s constitutional amendment be stopped!

This is an URGENT call to action!

Join me in taking a stand and defending the constitutional rights that our forefathers fought and died to protect!

You need to raise your voice and do your duty to defend the constitution against its domestic enemies who seek to strip it down to nothing at all! 

A vote to change the constitution is imminent! Raise your voice tell Congress that you DEMAND that Harry Reid’s constitutional amendment be stopped!

If you won’t stop this, who will?


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily