Fellow Conservative,

Right now, Obama is meeting with world leaders in Paris to negotiate a new climate change treaty.

The American people don’t want this radical treaty shoved down their throats… Congress certainly doesn’t want this treaty… But Obama is going to sign it anyway and stick you with the bill!

Now, I know what you’re saying: this treaty won’t be binding unless Congress ratifies it. Under normal circumstances, yes. However, there is a small provision tucked deep within Obamatrade that will allow the President to sneak this treaty in through the backdoor!

There is a provision within the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which the GOP intends to approve, that would make the Paris climate change treaty the law of the land without any Congressional approval.

Article 20.4 of the TPP says the following:

“The Parties [recognize] that multilateral environmental agreements to which they are party play an important role, globally and domestically, in protecting the environment and that their respective implementation of these agreements is critical to achieving the environmental objectives of these agreements. Accordingly, each Party affirms its commitment to implement the multilateral environmental agreements to which it is a party.”

That means that the minute that Congress approves Obamatrade, they will also unknowingly be approving Obama’s radical climate agenda!

Don’t let Obama sneak through this radical treaty! Demand that Congress block him and cut off his funding immediately!

Right now, Barack Obama has in his possession a blank check. He plans on writing it out to the UN to the tune of $3 billion to finance this radical climate change treaty.

You didn’t approve this… Congress certainly didn’t approve what the President is doing… And yet, he’s doing it anyway. He is signing a treaty without Congressional permission and then trying to stick the American taxpayers with the bill.

This is just madness.

He did the same thing with the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Congress voted against Obama’s plot to infringe on the Second Amendment so he went around them and financed it anyway. Unconstitutional.

Now, President Obama is trying again but this time, he plans on pulling a fast one and sneaking his climate agenda through.

Whenever a President violates his oath of office and abuses his power, he must be stopped immediately. Not in a week… not in a month… NOW!

The Constitution requires a 2/3 ratification vote in order for any treaty to become the law of the land. If you don’t get loud right now, he’s going to get away with pushing this through without a single vote!

Don’t let Obama get away with this! Demand that Congress pull the rug out and STOP him from signing this horrible UN climate treaty!

This isn’t a joke. This is happening right now. As you read this, Barack Obama is writing checks that he has no authority to and Congress is just rolling over.

It’s pathetic. The fact of the matter is that Obama is committing the United States to a treaty even though he has absolutely no power to do so and he must be stopped.

Barack Obama isn’t going to stop himself and Congressmen and Senators certainly won’t stick their necks out on their own… It is going to take action on your part. It is going to take you getting loud and demanding it.

The alternative is Obama getting away with another unconstitutional power grab. That is unacceptable!

Don’t let Obama sneak this radical climate treaty past Congress! FaxBlast and DEMAND that they put a stop to this madness right now!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily