Fellow Conservative,

A bill was just introduced in the House of Representatives to remove John Boehner from power!

Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) has filed the resolution, which would immediately remove Boehner from power and leave the position of Speaker of the House vacant until a new vote is held.

As you might remember, Boehner initially punished Meadows earlier this year by removing him from a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee. This was one of many purges carried out by party leaders after Conservative congressmen opposed passing Obamatrade. Conservatives were punished for voting their conscience.

It was clear that his removal was retaliation for opposing the Obamatrade vote. No one denied it.

Well, now Rep. Meadows has filed a resolution to remove Boehner from power. And he needs your help!

Tell Congress to push to remove Boehner AND McConnell from power!

The list of criticisms against Boehner is long. Like many of his colleagues, Boehner campaigns as a Conservative and governs as a RINO. He is not what the country needs.

But make no mistake… Boehner isn’t the only problem. Senator Mitch McConnell is just as much to blame for Congressional inaction on the issues that matter most.

With the national highway trust fund running out of money, we are presented with a unique opportunity: a piece of must-pass legislation.

Must-pass legislation is, as the name implies, something that simply has to pass. To vote against such a bill, or to veto it, would have drastic consequences. In this case, it would mean the highway trust fund running out of money.

Must-pass bills provide the opportunity to attach Conservative amendments to the legislation with Democrats powerless to stop them.

Real conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have been leading the fight to get such amendments added to the Highway Bill. I am talking about defunding planned parenthood, defunding sanctuary cities, and passing Kate’s law to put repeat illegal alien felons in prison.

These are all incredibly important issues. Every day we wait means more illegal aliens committing crimes and more unborn babies butchered to be sold for parts. But the only way that these amendments get past Obama’s veto pen is if they are attached to a piece of must-pass legislation, like the highway bill. That way, Obama wouldn’t dare veto the bill otherwise our infrastructure projects would be halted in their tracks.

But Mitch McConnell won’t allow these amendments to be added to the highway bill. Instead, he has promised individual votes on them. Sounds good, right? Wrong! That means they will certainly fail. They’ll fail to hit the required 60-vote threshold in the Senate and fail to get past Obama’s veto pen. What Boehner and McConnell are doing is giving us lip service. They are talking a good talk, knowing full well that the “plan” they promise has zero chance of succeeding.

And quite honestly, they don’t want us to succeed. They don’t want to have to fight for something they don’t believe in. So, how about we replace them with someone who will?

It’s time for a change and the resolution has already been introduced. Demand that the GOP change leaders in the House and Senate!

Boehner needs to go. McConnell needs to go. Everyone that has been giving them political cover needs to go. The GOP is spineless.

McConnell and Boehner are trying to keep your support by scheduling stand-alone votes on these issues. But that’s nothing but lip service.

As I said, the bill has already been introduced in the House to remove Boehner from power. When that’s done, we will move on to the Senate and put a real Conservative in charge there as well.

But before any of that can happen, you need to raise your voice right now and DEMAND that Congress support Mark Meadows’ bill to remove these RINOs from power!

Tell Congress to push to remove Boehner AND McConnell from power and replace them with real Conservatives!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily