Dear Conservative,

It’s time for John Boehner to go. The vast majority of conservatives want him gone. He simply cannot be trusted to push a truly conservative agenda.


Last year, he was re-elected as speaker of the house. But it is not over!

Over the past few weeks, more than a dozen Congressmen have met in secret, plotting to force the speakership election to a second vote.

House rules require that at least 29 Congressmen step forward in order to force a second vote. The most recent estimates suggest we have at least 25 Congressmen willing to go out on a limb and officially demand that Boehner be replaced. That means we are just FOUR Congressmen away from potentially denying John Boehner another term as Speaker!

John Boehner and the RINOs think they are safe. They think they have secured two more years to peddle their liberal agenda.

Well, they need to think again!

As I said, we are just a few congressmen away from demanding a second ballot and forcing the entire House of Representatives to go on record. This is our chance! We need to rally and help get out the vote! Demand that your Congressman vote against Boehner for the Speakership!

Now is the time! Demand that your Congressman vote against John Boehner!

Think of everything that John Boehner has done to derail the conservative movement. Remember all the times that he caved to Barack Obama’s liberal agenda.

Obamacare, the Debt Ceiling, Illegal Immigration, the Debt Ceiling again, Obama’s lawlessness… Each time, Boehner promised to fight against the Democrats but when it came time to put up the gauntlets, he got cold feet.

We had to pressure him for months before he reluctantly approved the Benghazi Committee, he has refused to order for Lois Lerner’s arrest, and he has allowed Eric Holder and the rest of the Obama administration criminals to ride roughshod over the constitution.

Time and time again, John Boehner has simply failed to live up to his duties as Speaker of the House.

When the rest of the Republican Party apposed his spending bill, Boehner turned to the Democrats to help get it passed. He has done this countless other times when he had less than half of the support of his party.

The Hastert Rule is an operating principle that dictates that the Speaker of the House cannot bring a bill to a vote if more than half of his or her Party opposes it. Boehner completely disregards this rule and allows liberal legislation to make it through to Obama’s desk.

The American people didn’t take back the Senate and put Republicans in control just so that John Boehner could stymie conservative legislation and cave to Obama.

It is up to you to pressure your legislators and make them understand that the American people don’t want John Boehner and don’t need John Boehner!

You can help remove John Boehner from power! Force your legislators to vote against him!

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) is leading the charge and rallying the votes against Boehner. He needs 29 votes to force a second ballot. So far, the estimates say he has rounded up twenty-five of Boehner’s opponents to take a stand.

After everything that has happened since the last vote – after all the times Boehner has stabbed conservatives in the back – for the first time, removing John Boehner from power is not only possible, but it is plausible.

I don’t want to just get to enough votes to embarrass Boehner. I want to rally enough votes to get Boehner stripped of his authority and replaced with a real conservative.

But I can’t do it alone. You need to get loud and demand that your Congressman votes against Boehner. You need to demand that your Senators replace Mitch McConnell with a real Conservative as well!

Years from now, the history textbooks will write and tell the story of how Boehner faced a challenge to his leadership. I want that challenge to be successful. I believe that we can succeed but we all need to band together on this.

Fax your Congressman and tell him to vote against Boehner!

Fax your Senators and tell them to oppose Mitch McConnell!

The finish line is so close! We just need one last push and we can get there!

You can help remove John Boehner from power! Force your legislators to vote out of power!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily