Fellow Conservative,

Tomorrow, Paul Ryan will release the full text of this year’s massive Omnibus spending bill. But details are already starting to leak out and they are terrifying.

When John Boehner was in power, these pieces of legislation were chock full of new ways to surrender to the Obama administration. Unfortunately, nothing seems to have changed with Paul Ryan taking the reins.

Congressional Republicans are preparing to give Obama a blank check to bring as many Syrian refugees here as he wants!

Don’t let the GOP surrender to Obama! FaxBlast Congress and demand they remove the refugee blank check from the Omnibus bill!

Barack Obama has said that the United States will admit 10,000 Syrian refugees next year. However, the only person who has control over that number is the President himself. He can set that number however high he wants.

Technically, though, Congress has some control over how many refugees are admitted through the budget process. If they limit the budget, they can stop the President from bringing in too many Syrian refugees.

But that’s not what Paul Ryan plans to do. Like his predecessor, he is going to use the Omnibus spending bill to overrule what the American people, and his colleagues, have spent the last month fighting for.

While the nation is debating over Donald Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslim immigrants, Paul Ryan is negotiating a deal to ensure that Obama can bring in as many Syrian refugees as he wants!

I will remind you that the refugees coming here would undergo the same background check afforded to Tashfeen Malik, the terrorist wife who perpetrated the San Bernardino terror attack.

Homeland Security says they vetted her but the truth is that she was radicalized before she came to the United States. Not only that, but she used a fake address on her visa application and no one even bothered to check it out.

Now, the Republicans are planning a vote on legislation to give Obama as much money as he wants to bring as many unvetted Syrian refugees here as he wants.

This has to stop!

All they do is surrender. Tell Congress you will remove them from power if they give Obama’s refugee program a blank check!

It’s amazing how two-faced the GOP has become. Earlier this month, House Republicans passed a bill to stop Obama’s Syrian refugee program all together. Now, instead of standing up and fighting, they are going to completely fund it!

They’re stabbing us in the back.

What is worse is the fact that they are doing all of this without telling you any of it. The only reason we know this is because Alabama’s Senators Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions have leaked the details.

The GOP Establishment expects to push this through without a fight. Now that you know, you have an obligation to do everything in your power to stop them.

That starts by getting LOUD and becoming unavoidable!

FaxBlast Congress DEMANDING that they stop this plot to give Obama a blank check for his refugee program!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily