Fellow Conservative,

Today is the day! Republicans are voting for the nominees to replace John “Cry Baby” Boehner.

This is what we have been fighting for. We have sent well over 1 million faxes to Congress demanding that they hold a vote to replace this RINO and it is finally happening.

Make no mistake: you caused this. You refused to go quietly and give up on removing Boehner from power. So much so that he made the decision to resign instead of lose re-election.

But now we have a new problem. Boehner’s heir apparent, Kevin McCarthy is literally saying everything necessary to get the Benghazi committee disbanded. He has caused this whole firestorm by claiming it was nothing but a partisan attack on Hillary.

This man cannot be allowed to become Speaker of the House.

Luckily, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is also running for the position. Now, Chaffetz isn’t perfect. He has admitted that he made a mistake in letting the RINO establishment bully him into removing one of Boehner’s critics from his committee assignment. The critic was Rep. Mark Meadows, the Congressman who authored the resolution to have Boehner voted out.

The GOP establishment pressured Chaffetz to remove Meadows from the committee. He admits it was a mistake and he fixed his error. But Rep. Chaffetz is still leaps and bounds better than Kevin McCarthy.

The question you have to ask yourself is this: Are you ready for Boehner Jr. to come to power or are you ready for real conservative leadership?

No more RINOs! Tell Congress to stop Kevin McCarthy from becoming Speaker of the House!

McCarthy’s own former colleagues have come out against him. Former Congressmen admit that McCarthy doesn’t have a Conservative bone in his body.

He might as well be named “McBoehner” because nothing will change if he is elected.

Listen: We can put a stop to this. We only need 30 Republicans to vote against McCarthy and we can stop him from becoming speaker of the House. With Reps. Chaffetz and Webster in the race, we are close to reaching that magic number.

But this isn’t a situation where we can just sit back and hope everything turns out for the best. The GOP establishment CANNOT be allowed to win this one!

The vote is happening right now! Let your voice be heard and DEMAND that the GOP stop McBoehner from coming to power!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily