Fellow Conservative,

In the coming days, Congress is going to vote on a bill that will rein in the NSA’s out-of-control surveillance on American citizens.

Under both the Bush and Obama presidencies, the NSA has broken the law and illegally spied on Americans.

Programs designed to combat terrorism have been abused to go after millions of innocent Americans without warrants or probable causes for searches.

We have been calling on Congress to control the NSA for months and months. Now, on the eve of real legislation being passed, both parties are muddying the waters. Instead of passing a simple, clean bill that has bipartisan support, members of both parties are attaching their pet projects to the bill in order to get them passed.

The problem is that these amendments have taken a common sense bill and turned it into a non-starter for both Republicans and Democrats.

This country desperately needs to stop the NSA’s mass surveillance of Americans but it appears that the USA Freedom Act might come up a few votes short.

That’s where we have to come in. We must continue to hammer Congress until they rein in these out of control intelligence agencies once and for all!

Tell Congress that it MUST reform the NSA once and for all and stop the agency from illegally spying on Americans!

As it stands now, there is absolutely no accountability in government. Intelligence agencies are able to get search warrants covering millions of individuals without even being forced to show any evidence.

The entire system is rigged and your Constitutional rights are in danger. The NSA and other intelligence organizations have been operating for years without any significant oversight. Even though it is illegal for these intelligence outfits to operate on U.S. soil, the letter of the law hasn’t stopped them from spying on Americans.

They have monitored your phone calls and internet usage. They have recorded every single keystroke that millions of Americans make online. Many who support this type of surveillance believe that Americans should just live with it.

They say that if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately for the Statists, that’s not how the Bill of Rights works. Every single American has the right to live free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

But unnecessary political game playing is threatening to derail the entire effort to reform the NSA. Look at it this way: Senator Rand Paul filed a lawsuit because of the NSA’s spying and even he is voting against this legislation because of the attached amendments!

Liberals and Republicans alike are insisting on attaching a measure reauthorizing the Patriot Act. For Libertarian-leaning Republicans and Progressive Democrats, this is a complete non-starter.

Whether you agree with the Patriot Act is not the question.

The fact of the matter is that if the Patriot Act renewal is removed from the NSA Reform Bill, it passes. If the Patriot Act renewal is left in, the bill fails.  

Tell Congress that it MUST reform the NSA once and for all and stop the agency from illegally spying on Americans!

It really is as simple as that.

The American people deserve a vote on a clean NSA reform bill. After that, we can have a discussion about the Patriot Act. But it is UNACCEPTABLE to tie this program in with NSA reform in order to get it passed!

Enough of this nonsense political gamesmanship…

Enough of Congressmen and Senators attaching pet projects to these bills and diluting the real message…

The Senate will vote on an NSA reform bill in a matter of days. It is up to YOU to demand that real reform be passed!

Tell Congress that it MUST reform the NSA once and for all and stop the agency from illegally spying on Americans!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily