Fellow Conservative,

Shut it down. Shut Obama’s entire program down.

The President of the United States cares more about protecting terrorists than protecting you.

Yes, that is a bold statement. But it is the only logical conclusion after watching how little Obama cares about securing this nation.

The Obama administration values terrorists’ rights over yours.

That’s the explanation behind the newest revelation that Tashfeen Malik, the San Bernardino immigrant terrorist, had her visa application handled with kid gloves. What I mean is that immigration officials were actually ordered to stop examining immigrants’ Facebook accounts because it would be an “invasion of their privacy.”

The reason I bring this up is because when she entered the country, Tashfeen Malik had extremist statements on her social media accounts. One look and the administration would have known she was a radical.

But they didn’t look. Why? Because they weren’t allowed to look. Those 14 people died in San Bernardino because the President is so damn politically correct that he valued a terrorist’s privacy above all else.

People are dead because Obama doesn’t want to offend terrorists. Enough is enough! Tell Congress to put a stop to this and shut down Obama’s refugee program!

I am going to say it again just to make sure it sinks in. Fourteen people are dead because the Obama administration cared more about a terrorist’s privacy than keeping Americans safe.

Even Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) agrees that the administration has blood on their hands because of this. “Had they checked out Tashfeen Malik,” Schumer said, “maybe those people in San Bernardino would be alive.”

This is mimicked by what happened a few weeks ago. When the first group of Syrian refugees arrived in the United States – New Orleans, to be specific – the Federal government lost track of one of the refugees. He just disappeared.

When asked why the refugees weren’t under surveillance, the Obama administration replied that they didn’t want to violate their Constitutional right to privacy.

You literally can’t make this up. If Americans’ lives weren’t at stake, this would be comical. But lives are at stake. Lives have already been lost.

Yesterday, we told you about how the GOP was preparing to give the Obama administration a blank check to resettle as many Syrians in the United States as possible. With today’s revelation, it is more important than ever to make sure that this program is defunded and dismantled!

There is still time, though. That time is running out, but we still have a window to stop this.

It’s not enough to just defund this program. Obama will find a way to move money around like he always does. Congress needs to cut off all middle eastern refugee resettlement until a full background check system is developed and approved by Congress.

That is exactly what the American SAFE Act would do. It passed the House with a veto proof majority yet has completely stalled in the Senate. We need to push right now, harder than ever, to make sure that this common-sense bill is attached to the OMNIBUS spending bill that Congress must pass by Wednesday.

FaxBlast Congress and force them to include the American SAFE Act in the OMNIBUS bill to put a stop to Obama’s horrible refugee program!

It’s just madness. We have terrorists sneaking into this country disguised as immigrants and refugees and the President is so damn politically correct that he won’t allow immigration agents to check the applicants’ social media pages…

People are literally dying because the President is more concerned with protecting the rights of terrorists.

At the end of the day, we need to accept that the Obama administration is unable and, more importantly, unwilling to keep us safe.

Congress is voting on this legislation in just two days. Raise your voice right now and DEMAND that Obama’s refugee program be stopped!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily