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We have some new updates in the Left’s assault on Lt. Colonel Michael Kersten.

As you remember, this is the Air Force Officer stationed at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey who told an interviewer that his main inspiration for leadership is Jesus Christ.

He was asked during a routine public relations interview what historical leader he looked up to the most for leadership and he responded that Jesus “is my guide and affects all of my decisions” and then went on to explain that Jesus “teaches to do all things as unto the Lord and I believe this is synonymous with integrity first and excellence in all we do.”

This wasn’t in an official capacity. He was asked a personal question and he gave a personal answer.

When the story first broke over the weekend, we were focused on what the Obama administration would do. The White House and Pentagon are so eager to purge the military that they will take any slight slip-up as an excuse to force an officer to take an involuntary discharge.

But now we’re learning that it’s not just the administration we have to worry about. Leftist organizations are now lining up to declare they were offended and demand that Lt. Colonel Kersten be “visibly punished.”

You can’t let them punish this good man!

The military is being pressured from all sides to “visibly punish” this Lt. Colonel because of his Christian faith! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they stop this this purge and protect the religious freedom of all military men and women!

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is leading the civilian push to make sure that this brave patriot is “visibly punished.”

Think about that… they want him to be visibly punished, all because he said that Jesus Christ is the biggest influence on his leadership style.

He didn’t force Airmen under his command to read the Bible or go to church… he simply mentioned how his own faith guides and encourages a leadership commitment to integrity and excellence.

But that is what the MRFF and other Leftists are arguing. They are arguing that by simply talking about his faith, Lt. Colonel Kersten is “proselytizing.” They write in their demand letter to the Pentagon,

“By unequivocally stating to the world that ALL of his decisions are based upon his Christian faith, he has broadcast to his otherwise helpless subordinates, and the multitudes of other military and civilian members which the Air Force Squadron he now commands directly and indirectly serves, that he will, in a professional setting, place decision-making primacy on his personal version of his Christian religious faith over his official military duty. One has to wonder how that sits with those who don't share his religious views.”

How pathetic does someone have to be to criticize an Air Force officer for talking about how his faith guides him?

The MRFF is directly calling for Lt. Colonel Kersten to be investigated and visibly punished for violating Air Force Instruction 1-1. They are accusing this man of expressing his faith in a manner that has "an adverse impact on military readiness, unit cohesion, good order, discipline, health and safety, or mission accomplishment." Give me a break...

Unfortunately, the politically correct bureaucrats in the Obama administration are taking the bait!

This political correctness has gone too far! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they put a stop to this anti-religious purge!

We all remember Sgt. Charles Martland, who was almost kicked out of the Army for shoving a confessed child rapist in Afghanistan. The Obama administration planned on making an example of him in their new push for complete political correctness. Congress fought back and this hero was reinstated.

There was also the case of Marine Maj. Jason Brezler who tried to warn his friends in Afghanistan that a local Afghan police officer stationed at their base was a dangerous child sex trafficker. A few days after he sent this warning, one of the Police officer’s child slaves ended up opening fire and killing 3 unarmed Marines. Brezler was ultimately court martialed because that information about the Afghan sex trafficker being dangerous was classified and he illegally shared it…

There is no doubt there is a purge going on in the military. Any slip-up is an excuse to give even the most decorated heroes an involuntary discharge.

Now, they are turning their sights on a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force simply because he said his number one leadership role model is Jesus Christ.

They cannot be allowed to get away with this!

Don’t let this patriot be “visibly punished” for saying that his faith guides him! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they stop Obama’s purge and protect him and others from persecution!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily