This week, representatives from the United Nations and European Union met behind closed doors to figure out a path forward for the Paris Climate Treaty after President Trump announced the United States' withdrawal.

Instead of allowing the United States to leave, they are forcing us to stay in the agreement.

Last Summer, Barack Obama sent a letter to the United Nations, writing that he does "hereby accept the [Paris Climate] Agreement and every article and clause thereof on behalf of the United States of America."

The UN is arguing Obama's letter included a promise to obey Article 28, which prohibits the United States from withdrawing until at least November 4, 2020, the day after the next Presidential election. The globalists at the UN are hoping they can stall long enough for a new President to be elected to put the United States back into this massive global wealth redistribution scheme.

Obama pitched this as a "non-binding" agreement. He did this to bypass the United States Congress and avoid having to comply with the Constitution's Treaty Clause. But the fact that the UN is now forcing the US to stay in the treaty proves that it was binding all along. 

Barack Obama promised the United Nations billions and they intend to collect. Not only that, but they are committed to forcing the Trump administration to reinstate the radical climate executive orders that Obama had tried to implement.

In order to fully and immediately withdraw, Congress must pass a resolution voiding Barack Obama's signature entirely!

Take the fight to the globalists! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast and demand that Congress void the UN's climate treaty immediately and fully withdraw from this radical agreement!

The process is simple. The fact that the UN is forcing us to stay in the treaty until a certain date means that it is a binding international agreement. Under the Constitution's Treaty Clause, Congress has the power to ratify binding international agreements. Because Obama never submitted to Paris Treaty to Congress for approval and decided to sign it anyway, he violated the Constitution.

In order to void Obama's signature, it will take an Act of Congress or a court order. We've already seen how liberal activist judges are willing to rewrite the law in order to preserve Obama's legacy. They would do the same here if given the chance.

The only viable path forward is Congressional action declaring the Paris Agreement to be an unratified treaty. Not only would it immediately retract and void Barack Obama's signature, but it would force future Presidents to go through Congress if they want to re-enter it.

The longer we wait, the harder it will be to withdraw. This issue is still in the news and still front and center. 

Right now, the United Nations is preventing the Trump administration from withdrawing from the Paris Climate Treaty. They expect Trump to continue funneling taxdollars to them, as Obama promised, and reinstate the same radical Obama executive orders that Trump just repealed.

They must be stopped. Only Congress will be able to void this unconstitutionally signed treaty and only you can force them to!

Take the fight to the United Nations! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast and force Congress to void the UN's climate treaty immediately and restore America's sovereignty!

The Founders wrote the Treaty Clause into the Constitution for a reason. No President should have the authority to give away American sovereignty like Obama did...