The United Nations has been scrambling in recent weeks. Between the President's decision to withdraw from the UN-backed Paris Climate Treaty or threatening to pull funding from bloated UN agencies, the bureaucrats at the UN are starting to see their gravy train leave the station.

They had two options. They could change their ways and stop using US taxdollars to attack America and its interests or they could fight. They chose the latter.

It is really no surprise. With Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Treaty and promise to cut off funding to the program, it was just revealed that the United Nations needs to figure out a way to come up with well over twelve trillion in order to fully fund it.

That is what Barack Obama tried to sign us up for...

Of course the United Nations and European countries are uniting to stop Trump from leaving the agreement. The EU just voted to make the treaty binding and punish any country that tries to leave, proving that what Obama did was unconstitutional from the start. They are pointing to the promises that Barack Obama made and threatening to take the Trump administration to court if they withdraw. 

Pull the plug on the United Nations! Send your instant FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to erase Obama's climate treaty signature and defund the UN entirely!

We have just weeks left before Congress must vote on next year's spending bills. The fight to completely defund the United Nations begins right now.

Barack Obama made a number of promises to the UN. He promised to implement its radical climate change here at home and to finance its implementation abroad. Pres. Trump has already dismantled the radical executive orders that Obama had signed. Now, the United Nations and European Union are demanding that Trump honor Obama's funding promises.

Congress needs to do two things.

First, they need to void Barack Obama's signature on the Paris Climate Agreement. Yes, what Obama did was unconstitutional. But that can only be declared in two ways: by a Supreme Court decision or through Congressional action. This is not something that can be trusted to nine unelected judges in black robes. Only Congress has the authority to ratify a treaty. A Congressional resolution voiding Obama's signature would immediately block the UN from its collection efforts and prevent any future President from signing back onto it without approval from the Senate.

Second, we are calling on Congress to pull the UN's funding entirely. For far too long, the United Nations has used American taxdollars to finance programs that directly go against our interests. This summer, the UN will convene a conference on gun control (another treaty Obama unconstitutionally signed). They will be using your taxdollars to put that conference on. The only way to ensure that we don't fund radical agendas like this is to pull funding all together.

This isn't just about the funding. This is about restoring America's sovereignty that Barack Obama tried so hard to give away. 

This is about the future of the United States of America.

Will we remain independent? Or will Obama's plan to make us subservient to the UN succeed?

Send your instantaneous FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress erase Obama's climate treaty signature and defund the UN entirely!

Now that Trump is withdrawing from the UN's Paris Climate Treaty, the truth has finally come out. It will take twelve trillion to actually implement the UN's radical climate agenda. 

President Trump has decided to pull all US funding from the treaty. The United Nations is now saying, "not so fast."

The President has done everything he can. He has honored his promise to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Now he needs Congress' help to finish this. He need YOUR help convincing them!

Enough is enough. It's time to pull the rug out from under the globalists and restore American sovereignty once and for all!

Please, join the fight!

Pull the plug on the globalists! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to erase Obama's climate treaty signature and defund the UN entirely!