Fellow Conservative,

It’s it truly remarkable… Congress is funding everything. They are giving Barack Obama essentially a blank check to continue business as usual between now and the inauguration.

Full funding for catch-and-release programs at the Southern Border… Full funding for the executive action to disarm hundreds of thousands of social security beneficiaries… and worst of all, full funding for Barack Obama’s refugee goals.

As we have reported, the Obama administration has been working around the clock finalizing 98 last-minute regulations and executive orders. Well, it turns out they’ve added even more over the last few days.

The White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) currently lists 136 regulations awaiting final approval. That is a 39% increase! President Obama’s agreement with Australia to take in 2,500 “inadmissible” refugees is one of these new executive actions.

Yesterday, newly re-elected Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, along with some of his colleagues, wrote the head of OIRA, Howard Shelanski, a sternly worded letter demanding that he cease approving any midnight regulations. Meanwhile, Congress is working on funding the very programs and executive orders they are decrying.

They think you’re stupid. They’re wrong!

Don’t let the GOP push through Obama’s agenda! Raise your voice right now and FORCE Congress to defund these midnight executive actions!

Unfortunately, this is par for the course. Congress tries to convince you they are fighting but behind the scenes, they surrender and fund the very programs they publicly rail against.

This is why we continue to fight.

Yes, we retained control of both the House and the Senate this year. But it is important to remember that only 8 Republicans ended up being voted out this year.

The Congress we have now is just as spineless as the Congress we have fought to hold accountable for the past two years. The GOP leadership at the helm of both the House and the Senate remains unchanged as well.

This budget battle is a perfect example of what we have to deal with moving forward.

These cowards are publicly complaining about Obama’s midnight regulations while simultaneously working behind the scenes to completely fund them.

They do this because they think you’re too dumb to realize. They truly believe that you will believe the headlines and completely ignore the finer points of the legislation they vote for.

As you read this, Congress is beginning the process of debating and amending the legislation to fund the Federal government through the end of Obama’s Presidency. They have the power to do much more than write a sternly worded letter. They have the ability to defund all of it.

All it takes is for you to demand it!

Don’t let the GOP surrender to Obama’s agenda! Please, FaxBlast Congress right now and DEMAND they stop Obama’s last-minute regulatory push!

The Obama White House has already increased the number of pending executive actions by 39%.

If you thought that Obama would go quietly, think again. He is ramping up the number of last-minute regulations and executive actions.

Enough talk. It is time to force Congress to act.

They have the power to defund all of this right now.

Please, join this fight and DEMAND that they do so!

Don’t give up! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to defund all of Obama’s midnight executive orders!


Joe Otto