Fellow Conservative,

I am at a complete loss for words. The United States Army has denied Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland’s appeal. His involuntary discharge is imminent, all because he briefly lost his temper and shoved a confessed serial child rapist in Afghanistan.

An Afghan police officer, trained and paid by the U.S. Military, was caught kidnapping and raping small boys. In one case, he chained the boy to the bed and raped him for almost ten days.

Charles Martland went with his unit to confront the rapist. The Afghan laughed in their face, telling the Americans there was nothing they could do and that he would never be punished.

On an earlier occasion, the same unit witness the Afghan “justice” system in action. An Afghan soldier raped a young girl. When he was turned in, he was put in jail for a one day, and then when he was released, the girl was forced to marry her rapist because she was impure and no one else would ever want her. That is what happens when Afghan police and soldiers rape small children. Absolutely nothing.

So, you can understand why Martland and his buddies lost their temper. After watching case after case of child rapes go unpunished, the sight of this repeat offender daring them to do something about it was too much to bear.

But, the Army doesn’t care. According to military policy, this Green Beret should have just turned a blind eye to small children being kidnapped and raped. They denied his appeal and will be discharging him from the Army any day now.

Don’t let this happen! There’s still time for Congress to intervene but you must demand it right now!

We are out of time. Now, I know that this might seem like an insignificant fight. There is so much going on in this country, so why should we fight so hard for one soldier?

Well, I’ll tell you why: he deserves our help. He is one of the best this country has to offer.  He has received not one, but TWO Bronze Stars during his 11-years of service.

We can’t stop everything. We can’t stop Obama from gutting our military. But we can stop him from giving this American hero an involuntary discharge and ruining his life.

I know there is a lot going on in your life. Heck, there are dozens of issues going on in Washington D.C. that deserve your attention. I know your attention is stretched thin.

I just spent a few paragraphs describing this man and I barely scratched the surface. But the Obama administration is trying to destroy the character of this man all because he defended the innocent in Afghanistan.

The Commander-in-Chief and the Military have announced loud and clear that they are more interested in the rights of serial child rapists than defending American heroes.

There is no other way to analyze this. It’s pathetic.

With the Pentagon denying his appeal, we are now coming down to the wire. His discharge could come any day now. Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) is leading the charge to save this soldier but he can’t do it alone. There simply isn’t enough time.

I am begging you: take the time and FaxBlast Congress. Send a message to every single Congressman and Senator demanding that they put a stop to this before this American hero is involuntarily discharged!

Don’t give up,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily